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This course is a wonderful overview of not just computer science and using robots, ​but of how we should be teaching all students in all content levels in the 21st century!

Kim White

STEM Coach, Massachusetts

Course Design

Gain a broader understanding of how coding and robotics fit into your everyday teaching with our foundational course (12 hours in total). Explore how computer science introduces new tech tools, addresses best practices of learning theory, complements thoughtful instructional design, and impacts classroom environments. Delve into the why before tackling the what and the how of Wonder Workshop’s robots.

Each course module begins with an introduction and learning objectives for you, the educator, and then wraps up with a concrete connection to our robot. The modules contain a mix of original and curated multimedia content, leveraging expertise and opinions from the field, plus have multiple checkpoints for reflection via our Discussion Forum and FlipGrid (video reflections). Each course module is designed to take about two hours (12 hours in total).

Great online workshop which included a variety of resources, provided a broad scope of strategies and would be a valuable tool for any educator wanting a better understanding of the role technology and computer science in our students' lives.

Tammy Henderson

Media Specialist, Virginia

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Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Dash + Dot


Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cue

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