Oct 11



Welcome to the Coaches’ Corner!  We are thrilled to have you join us in our 4th annual Wonder League Robotics Competition. Please refer to this page for all the resources that are needed for this year’s competition.

Needing to purchase some new robots? Use code WLRC1518 to receive 15% off your orders of $50-100 and WLRC2018 for 20% off orders that are over $100. Check out our store today!

Dec 31

Registration Closes


Don’t forget to sign up all your teams!  Make sure you have all your teams registered so that they can participate in the Invitational Round and compete for the grand prize and global recognition.

Jan 18

Submissions Close


Don’t delay! Don’t wait until the last minute to get all your mission submissions in. Start adding in your submissions as soon as you complete a mission!

Mar 1

Invitational Round Starts

Mar 29

Invitational Submissions Close

Apr 29

Winners Announced


Resources + Downloads

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Missions 1-5 (ages 6-8)

Get your teams ready to dive into this year’s competition with these 5 missions designed for the ages 6-8 teams.

Missions 1-5 (ages 9-11)

Get your teams ready to dive into this year’s competition with these 5 missions designed for the ages 9-11 teams.

Missions 1-5 (ages 12-14)

Get your teams ready to dive into this year’s competition with these 5 missions designed for the ages 12-14 teams.

Coaches' Guide

Use this interactive guide to help plan and prepare your teams to participate in this year's Wonder League Robotics Competition.

Launch Interactive
Download PDF
Mission Logbooks

Use our Mission Logbooks to help kids plan, design and reflect on their missions and help to extend their learning.

Mission Certificates

Celebrate each mission completion with these certificates.

Theme-related Content

Looking for ways to extent the learning around this year's oceanography theme? Completely optional, but consider how you can use this content to hook teams’ attention at the beginning of a meeting, or share with them to take home and explore on their own time! Our friends at BrainPOP and Nearpod are choosing some custom content to share just for you.

Classroom Posters

Show off your WLRC pride by hanging up one or all three of this year’s wall posters for all to see.

Sign-up Poster

Help to get the word out with this WLRC sign-up poster!

Team Recruitment Flyers

Need some help getting your teams together? Use these flyers to promote, plan and document permission for each one of your teams.

WLRC Year 4 Themed Mat

Back by popular demand, this year’s customized theme mat is sure to please. Our friends at Robotmats have this mat and others ready to go. If you are looking to design your own, make sure you check out our how-to section in the coaches’ guide or read our Creating a WLRC Mat blog post.

Team T-shirt Design

Looking for some WLRC swag? Use our t-shirt designs to print out your team’s very own t-shirts or visit our friends at Wonder Apparel who have all your printing needs ready to go from youth to adult sizes. Don't forget to customize them with your team names!

WLRC Stickers

Looking for more ways to show off your team's Wonder League spirit? These stickers can be a fun way to show off that team spirit. Download and print onto Avery labels. We have several sizes and designs to choose from.