Oct 11

Registration Opens


Welcome to the Coaches’ Corner!  We are thrilled to have you join us in our 7th annual Wonder League Robotics Competition. Please refer to this page for all the resources that are needed for this year’s competition.

This year, to compete, you will need to be a member of our Class Connect subscription. You will be able to register teams once you have a subscription, and access all year 7 materials once registered.

If you are an existing Class Connect subscriber, you can register the number of students to compete, based on the number of students that are a part of your subscription. If you are looking to simply register 1 team, or add additional teams onto your account, we have a specially priced Coach Success pack that will be available to purchase on October 11, 2021.

Oct 11

Missions Released


Ready, set, GO! The missions have been released and the teams are off exploring the creek and looking to solve each mission. Be sure to check back for further resources. Have fun coding!

Needing to purchase some new robots or some other gear from us? Use your Wonder League Coach code found inside the mission details for 15% your entire order.  Valid for one time only per coach.

Dec 31

Registration Closes

Registration has officially been closed.

Jan 14

Qualifying Submissions Due

Submissions for the qualifying round are due at 11:59pm Pacific Time on January 14, 2022.

We are unable to accept submissions beyond this cut-off point under any circumstances. 

Feb 21

Invitational Round Opens

Invitations to the final round will open and the final mission will be released.

Mar 25

Invitational Submissions Due

Apr 21

Winners Announced


Resources + Downloads

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Access Year 7 Guides and Missions

Missions for Innovator Cup (ages 6-8) & Pioneer Cup (ages 9-12) You must be a subscriber of Class Connect to continue. Once subscribed, you will gain access to Teach Wonder where you will find a course called Coaches' Corner with all materials inside.

WLRC Invitational Round

The WLRC Invitational Round final missions are available by clicking below. If your team did not make it to the Invitational Round, you can still access the final mission and practice on your own with your teams. Good luck!

Completion Certificates

Use the link to access the PDF downloadable file of the Completed All Missions certificate, and Invitational Round Qualifier certificate.