Call Me Obtuse, but That’s Acute Robot!

by  Wonder Workshop


The world is full of angles! There are angles to be measured in our buildings and roads, our desks and couches, and even in our bodies. Many professionals use angles to make our world safe and our bodies move their best, so measuring and understanding angles are important skills to have. In this lesson, students will learn how to move and turn Dash exactly to follow a windy path.


Coding Math

Group Size:

2- 4students

Target Grades:

2- 4

Time Required:

2 hours-


  • Measure and sketch angles of whole number sizes.

  • Identify angles as acute or obtuse.

  • Understand that a straight line is a 180 degree angle.

  • Understand that angles are additive.

  • Program Dash to move in a specific path based on angles.