Measurement: Endurance Obstacle Course

by  Wonder Workshop


In this lesson, students will design a series of obstacles for Dash while calculating the area and perimeter of each polygon based on its size requirements. Then students will program Dash to navigate through, around, over, or under these treacherous obstacles in an endurance course designed to test Dash’s strength, stamina, and true grit!


Coding Math

Group Size:

1- 3students

Target Grades:

3- 5

Time Required:

3 hours-


  • Students will:

    • use the Blockly app to program Dash with loops, conditionals, events, functions, and variables.
    • apply mathematical calculations of perimeter, area, and volume (5th grade only) to solve real-word problems.
    • measure perimeter given the side lengths of a square, rectangle, triangle, or circle.
    • measure area by counting unit squares in squares, rectangles, and parallelograms (5th grade only)
    • measure volume by counting unit cubes (5th grade only)