Early Access

Sign up for the Dash Robot Simulator Early Access Program

See the results of your Blockly program right on the screen with a virtual Dash robot. Reserve your spot now to be first to try this innovative feature.

What is the Dash Robot Simulator?

The Dash Robot Simulator is a new feature currently in development that allows you to program a virtual version of Dash with Blockly in your Chrome browser.

Who can use the robot simulator?

The robot simulator is still in development and only available to customers participating in our early access program who have a Class Connect trial or paid license. Sign up below if you are interested in trying the product and providing your feedback.

Which devices are supported?

The robot simulator is currently only available for Chrome browser. We will not have a list outlining specific device compatibility while the product is still in development.

I signed up for early access. When will I get my invitation?

We have received an overwhelming number of registrants and are adding new members to the program every day. Please note that it may take a few weeks before you gain access.

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