MINT-Spielzeug vs Bildungsroboter: Der richtige Lernbegleiter für Ihr Kind

MINT-Spielzeug vs Bildungsroboter: Der richtige Lernbegleiter für Ihr Kind Die Wahl des perfekten Lernspielzeugs für Ihr Kind kann eine echte Herausforderung sein. In einer Welt, die von neuen Lern- und Spieltechnologien nur so brummt, sind Eltern und Erzieher oft hin- und hergerissen zwischen traditionellem Spiel und hochmodernen Lernrobotern. Aber worin unterscheiden sich MINT-Spielzeug und Bildungsroboter […]

Printable Blockly Blocks

Use these downloadable PDF’s to create Manipulatable Blocks in English or in any language. Printable Blocks Download Smaller Printable Blocks Download Blank Printable Blocks Download Providing students with physical coding blocks serves as a good introduction and can promote essential skills in collaboration and problem-solving. See how spending a little time with printed Blocks first […]

Bring Design Thinking Principles to Your STEM Program

We’re diving deep into the heart of design thinking and how it can transform your STEM classroom into a hub of innovation and problem-solving.  Design thinking, with its emphasis on empathy, ideation, and experimentation, isn’t just for designers. It’s a mindset that can empower your students to approach problems with a creative lens, develop resilience […]

20+ Actividades de invierno WONDER-ful para Dash

Dash wearing reindeer headband

Hay muchas maneras de reforzar la codificación física y la robótica aplicada durante estas fiestas. Puedes utilizar estas ideas del país de las maravillas invernal como calentamiento matutino o para el tiempo libre de los viernes, o puedes crear estaciones de rotación para abordarlas todas a la vez durante una celebración en el aula. Elige y [...]

Blockly for Dash – On the Web

With the New Free Tier, Student Profiles Are Available to All Who Set Up a Classroom in Make Wonder (Class Connect). You may have heard that we are rolling out a bunch of new features in what was called Class Connect – so many new features that we’re renaming it Make Wonder! This article explains […]

Celebrate Pi Day With Dash

Pi Day is March 14th! This week, we’re celebrating March 14, Pi Day, with a few activities to help your students understand this beautiful little ratio. Download the printable PDF and let the creative wheels turn! (See what we did there?) Download Printable Another Way to Celebrate! Mission: How many digits of π (pi) can you recite? […]



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