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Access free resources for parents and educators from our home learning toolkits. Discover K–8 coding and robotics activities that kids will love.

Class Connect Free Trial

Find relevant curriculum, check progress and solutions with your Blockly dashboard, and welcome kids to coding with our brand new Dash’s Neighborhood robot simulator. It’s all part of Class Connect.

STEAM Activity Packs

In these 7 packets you’ll find online activities to do with Dash and Cue robots as well as offline challenges made especially for home.                  


Wonder League

Register as a coach today and unlock free story-based missions that make kids fall in love with coding and robotics while developing problem solving skills and teamwork.

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Whether you’re looking for trusted learning materials for your family or navigating remote learning with your classroom, we’ve curated what you need to succeed.

Dash + Learn to Code Challenge Card Box Set

Dash contains more working memory than ever before and now includes a 1-adult/2-kid license to Class Connect for 12 months. Also included is the Learn to Code Challenge Card Box Set.

Cue + Blaster

Take aim with Wonder Workshop’s Cue robot and Blaster Power accessory. Expand Cue’s reach to new heights with this motorized projectile-launching accessory.

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