New! Ready for remote learning with
Class Connect and our virtual robot, Dash's Neighborhood

Looking for a complete remote solution to implement CS education with your students? Our coding focused learning management system, Class Connect, just got a lot better with our virtual robot, Dash’s Neighborhood. Designed to give educators the tool to understand where students are succeeding and struggling in real time to support coding literacy inside and out of the classroom – with or without a physical robot.

Discover our complete hands-on solution for K–5

At Wonder Workshop, we have a complete learning solution that enables everyone from beginners to advanced programmers to code. From our standards-based curriculum that focuses on creative coding, design thinking and cultivating 21st century skills among young learners for real-world application to our ready to go out of the box challenge cards packed with hands-on activities – we have everything you need to get you and your students coding.

Learn to Code
Lesson Plan

Aligned with’s 6 Computer Science Fundamentals, our comprehensive Learn to Code lesson plans encourage active learning through creative problem solving tasks. From loops to variables, students will get a clear scope and sequence to discovering the basic concepts of coding and beyond. 

Lesson Library

Ready to apply coding concepts across the core subject areas? Discover our turnkey activities and lessons that are easy-to-integrate for cross-curricular connections.

Learn to Code
Curriculum Guide

Designed to provide educators with everything they need to get started with our award-winning robots, our Learn to Code Curriculum Guide provides educators with project-based assessment strategies and our resources are a perfect guide for educators. 

Learn to Code
Challenge Cards

These beginner-friendly challenge cards invite students to level up their coding skills through fun, hands-on activities.

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Robots and coding apps
designed for young and curious learners

With hundreds of hours of STEAM learning in-app challenges built into our free apps, students will be coding in no time. From exploring loops to conditions and sequences, our apps offer open-ended learning opportunities for all learnings.
“I can access in a quick glance what my dashboard says then I can use all my other teacher senses to really see what’s going on. It’s life saver, especially for saving time and making the coding experience easier for my students.”
EdTech & Robotics Specialist
from WA
“Wonder Workshop Class Connect is a great addition to our technology curriculum. It allows the teachers to see exactly where students are in their progress with coding and students are able to work at their own pace which allows for differentiation. The students love Dash and Dot and I love how easy it is to document their learning.”
K-5 Technology Teacher
from IA
“Wonder Worksop Class Connect has made a positive impact on our coding adventure. We love being able to see our progress on the puzzles. It helps us talk about what was difficult and set goals for what they want to accomplish.”
2nd Grade Teacher
from WI

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A robot that draws like da Vinci or composes a score like Mozart? Let your students’ creativity and curiosity deepen with our learning accessories and unlock the magic of STEAM and coding in a fun hands-on approach.

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