Robot Greeting Challenge

By Alicia C.

Play Ideas

How does a robot say hello?

What you'll need:

  • Dash
  • Dot
Set up Time

10 minutes

  • Any toys or objects your robots might want to greet!


Using Blockly, can you program Dash or Dot to greet you?


  1. First, think about the ways in which a robot might greet someone.

  2. Brainstorm about the different types of greetings robots might have for one another, for humans, or other objects (toys, or even pets)!

  3. Use Blockly to program Dash or Dot’s greetings for each other, for you, your family, toys, and/or pets!

Play Options:

Go App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Path App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Blockly App

Suggested for Ages: 8+

  • Do robots have different greetings for each other?
  • What does a robot do when it says “hello” to a human being?
  • What about another object, like a toy or pet?
  • What might happen if Dash or Dot want to greet multiple people, robots, or objects?
  • Using Blockly, how many types of greetings can you program for Dash & Dot?

Xylo App

Suggested for Ages: 5+