Interactive Art With Dash & Dot

By Chris R.

Play Ideas

Create a piece of interactive art using Dash & Dot, dominoes, and other fun items!

What you'll need:

  • Dash
  • Dot
  • Dash & Dot
Set up Time

30 minutes

  • Dominoes
  • Jenga blocks
  • Other fun stuff to add to the work of art!


Using dominoes, blocks, and other items from around the house, create an interesting shape or pattern to knock over. Come up with clever ways to make Dash and Dot part of the fun!


  1. Set up dominoes or blocks in an interesting shape or pattern. We decided to do a heart shape. It helps to leave some open spaces while you are setting up, so if you accidentally bump your artwork, only a few blocks will fall down.

  2. Place Dash and Dot wherever you want them. You may want to plan Dash’s path before setting up the dominoes, and you can even mark the key spots with tape.

  3. Create a Blockly or Path program so that Dash and Dot know what they’re supposed to do. Dash can start the domino effect by knocking over the first one. Or you can use When Dash Obstacle In Front to let Dash do something interesting!

Play Options:

Go App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Path App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Blockly App

Suggested for Ages: 8+

  • Figure out what you want Dash to do as part of the interactive work of art. Do you want Dash to start the chain reaction or play a part in the middle?
  • Create a Blockly program to tell Dash and Dot what to do. It helps to use tape to mark where Dash is supposed to start and stop. Be sure to make a video of the dramatic moment when you knock over the first domino!
  • Think of ways Dot can be part of the fun. Dot can react to what’s happening, and you can even use Dot to control Dash.

Xylo App

Suggested for Ages: 5+