Dash the Mother's Day Messenger

By Chris R.

Play Ideas

Use Dash to send a Mother's Day message!

What you'll need:

  • Dash
  • Building Brick Extensions
Set up Time

15 minutes

  • LEGO® bricks (optional)
  • Flowers, candy, a homemade card, or any other Mother’s Day gift (optional)


Use Dash to deliver a special message to your mother or a mother you know. Dash can also deliver a Mother’s Day gift, like a homemade card or a flower!


  1. Come up with a sweet Mother’s Day message.

  2. You may want to decorate your robot messenger or even send a gift with the message. We decided to use the Building Block Extensions to make a LEGO® flower vase. You can also use the Tow Hook to pull a carriage with the gift inside.

  3. Using the sound recording feature in Path or Go, record your message. You can record up to five short messages.

  4. Deliver your message and enjoy the reaction!

Play Options:

Go App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

In Go, you can record your messages before controlling Dash.

After recording your messages, you can control Dash directly to deliver the message.

Path App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

  • Draw a path from your location to the target’s location.
  • You may want to use Dash to measure out the route ahead of time. Remember, Dash is the same size as a block on Path.
  • After you draw the path, drag the sound icon to the place along the path where you want Dash to speak.
  • Tap the Record button and record your message.

Here’s an example that uses three messages:

  • Good morning, Mom! I have a message.
  • Happy Mother’s Day. I love you!
  • See you later!

Blockly App

Suggested for Ages: 8+

Xylo App

Suggested for Ages: 5+