Dot the Stop Light

Play Ideas

Use Dot's eye lights to direct and stop traffic!

What you'll need:

  • Dot
Set up Time

5 minutes


Using Blockly, can you program Dot into a robot traffic light?


  1. Grab Dot and your Blockly app to set up a robot traffic light!

  2. First, try changing the mood and ear lights to red, yellow, then green.

  3. Next, try using the Control blocks to time the transition, and turning the individual eye lights on and off to create cool patterns.

Play Options:

Go App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Path App

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Blockly App

Suggested for Ages: 8+

  • Challenge yourself further by adding in sounds and events! For example, what sound might Dot play when its light is red?
  • Does tilting, tossing, or tapping Dot create a different color pattern?
  • Once you’ve mastered red, yellow, and green, what other fun light patterns can you create?

Xylo App

Suggested for Ages: 5+