8 Ways to Fall in Love with Dash (Again!)

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Wonder Workshop’s Robots — Programmed With Love

Can you feel the love in the air? ’Tis the season! And robots are definitely worthy of love, too. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day activities for your classroom. Turn your STEM efforts into STEAM by trying some of these crafty, “A”rtsy ideas.

Open yourself to love: Use cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners, construction paper, stickers, and tape to create a Valentine’s Day mailbox that has some personality!

Valentine's Robot Mailbox

Photos courtesy of  b-inspiredmama.com and ehow

Express yourself: Find online templates (go Pinterest!) for clever Valentines’ sayings, whether in card, bookmark, or gift form. Encourage your students to play with words!

Valentine's Printables
Photos courtesy of momskoop.com, etsy and sunnydayfamily.com

Sent with love: We saw this cute idea at #TCEA2018. The folks across the way from our booth at Ward’s Science had this hands-on activity on display. Use copper tape to create a light-up Valentine’s Day card! Download the PDF HERE.

Valentine's Robot
Light Up Valentine's Day Card

Secret admirers: Place red and white beads onto a pipe cleaner to spell a Valentine’s related word or spell a Valentine’s name in binary code. Then twist the pipe cleaner into the shape of heart. So mysterious!

Valentine's Cypher

Photo courtesy of littlebinsforlittlehands.com 

Towering love: Use toothpicks and heart-shaped marshmallows to create baskets for Dash to launch ping pong balls into. Make baskets of varying heights worth different points!

Towering Hearts

Photo courtesy of proudtobeprimary.com

Race for love: Modify this decoder spinner for a points-based robot race. Create a spinner with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems. Students then take a turn, solve the equation, and program Dash or Cue to move accordingly. Who will be the first to reach the finish line?

Valentine's Day Code Breaker

Photo courtesy of Royalbaloo.com

A sweet obstacle course: Have Dash or Cue get a bit dizzy with love by using pieces of candy to outline a course that will send the robot spiraling!

Love machines! Assemble your own mini robot using candy of different shapes and sizes. What sweet names will you bestow on them?

Candy Mini Robots

Photos courtesy of thecraftpatchblog.com and kikicomin.com

What Valentine’s Day activities will you do with Dash? Share your activities with us on Social Media @WonderWorkshop and use the hashtag #wonderlove.

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