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With all the new challenges and unknown in our lives, coding and robotics shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we have curated and created these resources just for you. Use them to extend the learning at home – with or without a robot. Let’s continue to learn – together!

Special Offerings

Discover our award-winning robots combined with our best open-and-go activities for learning at home. Class Connect is also included so educators and caregivers can access all our best learning resources online. Check out our special offering just for you.

Class Connect Free Trial

Want to try out Class Connect, now with Dash's Neighborhood, our virtual robot? We’ve made it available for FREE for 30 days. Discover what your students know about coding and find relevant challenges and resources just for them.

Dash's Coloring Book

Sometimes we just need a creative outlet. Send Dash’s Coloring Book home for students to color and create with their favorite robots and friends.

Blockly Print Outs

You don’t need to have a device or a robot to learn how to code. Have your students use these printouts to write their very own programs at home!

Our Curriculum Library

Discover turnkey activities that integrate across core subject areas. No coding experience is necessary—go to My Wonder Workshop now to find a lesson plan.

The Dash & Dot Show & Activities

MORE COMING: Looking for quick activities that students can do at home? Try these companion activities for the Dash & Dot Show episodes that kids love. Whether they have their own robot or not, they can join Wally and Mimi on an adventure and join in on the fun. Check out our first activity, more coming soon.

The Global Educator Community

Looking for a little more community? We are here to support you during this time and beyond. With over 1,000 member educators and parents, the Global Educator Community is a great place to connect, find support and explore new ideas. Join now for live events, resources, and inspiration all about Dash, Dot, and Cue, coding and robotics.

Activity STEAM Pack

Access 7 activity packs chock-full of fun and educational activities for students to do with Dash or Cue. Offline STEAM activities are included too.

Our Virtual Summit

Distance learning got your head spinning? Looking to learn a thing or two? Don’t worry, you can watch all of our Virtual Summit material at your convenience. Learn from peers and experts alike throughout over 25 of our best workshops and sessions.


We have a one-stop shop for your students to go to for activities, challenges, and tips. Play.makewonder.com is specifically designed for kids to explore on their own. This kidSAFE certified destination can help keep them on their programming toes.

Robotics Team Role Cards

Whether you are a Wonder League Coach or have multiple students use a robot at once, our Robotics Team Role Cards are a great way to ensure that everyone gets a turn at trying out new roles during group work and collaboration.

Our Blog

Check out our blog for all kinds of ideas for what you can do with robots and a little creativity. Explore best practices and ideas from the Wonder Workshop team and our community of educators.

Tips & Tricks

Whether you and your students are brand new to to Dash or accomplished experts, you’re sure to find something useful here.

Teach Wonder

Adapted from an educator favorite, this redesigned course gets teachers ready to roll with Dash, Dot, and Cue. Understand how the robots work and how you can implement in the classroom or facilitate distance learning. New users, use the code: "teachtogether" to access for FREE.

Stay Calm and Code On

Comic Shop

Spark some humor and creativity with Dash & Dot in your own comic strip!

Blockly Memory Game

Not only will students get to sharpen their memory but they can test their programming skills out with this oldie but goodie memory & matching game.

STEAM Snacks

Sometimes a little taste is all we need to learn something new and get us excited for more. Try out some of these fun activities today!