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“The MOST fun way to foster coding skills: through robotics!”


Designed for learning, engineered for fun.

At Wonder Workshop, our family of award-winning robots and age-appropriate apps encourage hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible. Our vision is to inspire kids of all ages by giving them tools to imagine and invent the future.


Dash, Cue, Dot


Wonder, Blockly, Go, Path, Xylo, and Cue


Class Connect, Lesson Library, Notebooks, Learn to Code Challenge Cards

Professional Development

Teach Wonder, Global Educator Community, Webinars

Robotics Competition

Register, Past winners, Community

A complete platform that is kid approved, teacher recommended.

Our tailored solutions propel the fun forward with personable robots and apps designed for kids ages 5-14. See how our virtual robot and Class Connect platform provide educators and students the tools they need to build coding and problem-solving skills and engineer the future. Explore and track progress through in-app puzzles, standards-aligned math activities, and for 2022-23, our new Coding Pathways coding curriculum. Annual robotics challenges engage kids on another level and our professional learning opportunities support educators who are establishing a foundation for 21st-century learning.


  • Robotics clubs for elementary schools

  • A new way to play

  • DASH Challenge Card - Project 4.4

  • Getting started with Dash & Dot for teachers

  • Introducing Sketch Kit for Dash + Cue robots

  • Wonder League Robotics Competition

  • Teach Wonder - Professional Development Courses

  • WonderPaw - World’s First App That Teaches Dogs To Code

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Cue + Gripper Building Kit

For the 2022-23 school year, we are proud to announce Coding Pathways: Multimedia, kid-facing, standards-aligned coding and robotics lessons. Take advantage of special low pricing on the Teacher Success Pack now to lock in Coding Pathways for your students next year.



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