Dash makes learning to code fun. With Make Wonder, teaching it is easy.

Make Wonder is a complete resource for a standards-aligned curriculum to teach coding through fun activities in an online robot world.

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Easy for teachers.
Fun for Kids.

With Make Wonder, we simplify the process of creating a coding curriculum by providing pre-built lessons and activities that are assignable and trackable from a teacher dashboard. Students’ eyes will light up as they embark on coding adventures with Dash in a vibrant virtual world. Plus, they can extend their learning by programming a physical Dash too.


Technology, meet personality.

Eyes light up when code comes to life with our lovable robot, Dash. Whether Dash is rolling across the room completing a student’s commands or exploring a colorful virtual world in Make Wonder, Dash is the perfect partner to add amazement to STEM learning.


Apps for creative coding adventures with our robots.

The free in-app challenges give kids hundreds of hours of STEM learning in fun and engaging ways. Kids can explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences, but it’s more than learning to code. Our apps offer kids an open-ended learning platform that makes programming Dash simple and accessible and levels up with them as they grow.


Breng codering tot leven

Our suite of three accessories, which are sold individually and also all included in the Wonder Pack, enable Dash to draw, carry, and toss. With those three skills, the possibilities are endless. See how students can gain important STEM skills by building accessories and using them to accomplish tasks. And some of our accessories work right out of the box too! What will your Dash do today? 


Empowering teachers. Inspiring imagination.

Join a community of educators from across the globe, preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Wonder Workshop provides the tools and resources you need to inspire innovation, regardless of coding experience. From webinars to workshops and from online courses, to twice annual STEAM Summits, we connect educators of all levels of expertise. See how our programs can support you this year.


Join the Wonder League

This year marks the Wonder League Robotics Competition’s 9th Year! Teams competing in the Innovator Cup (Ages 6-8) and Pioneer Cup (Ages 9-12) will be presented with five missions designed to spark creativity, encourage collaboration, and engage participants in real-world problem-solving. Teams complete missions at their own pace and submit via our online portal. Find out today how you can get involved!

Suggested Solutions

Wonderklas maken

Maak van je klaslokaal een avontuur met een robotthema waar leren coderen leuk is. Het abonnement biedt accounts voor 35 leerlingen en 1 docent.
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Maak Wonderklaslokaal met Dash

Deze klaslokaalbundel bevat een Make Wonder klaslokaalabonnement voor 35 leerlingen en 1 leerkracht en 6 Dash robots.
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Maak Wonderklaslokaal met Wonderpakketten

Deze klaslokaalbundel bevat een Make Wonder klaslokaalabonnement voor 35 leerlingen en 1 leerkracht plus 6 Dash Robots, 2 Sketch Kits, 2 Launchers en 2 Gripper bouwpakketten.
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