Blockly App

Take on coding challenges and make your own programs for Dash using Blockly. Transform Dash into an alarm, program Dash to dance and sing, or send him on a retrieval mission. Programming lets you turn your silliest or most ambitious ideas into reality.

Blockly introduces fundamental and advanced coding concepts through playful projects and puzzles. Kids learn about coding by exploring variables, events, conditionals, and more.

Making coding a snap.

Blockly is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool that introduces children as young as 6 to fundamental programming concepts including Sequencing, Loops, Sensors + Events, Functions, Variables, and Conditionals through creative problem-solving.

Blockly Puzzles

Puzzles help you learn how to code with fun project ideas. Go off on an adventure with Dash, create your own inventions, or teach Dash some sweet dance moves.

With a Make Wonder Free Tier subscription (and above) teachers can track students progress through the Blockly Puzzles and students can maintain their own progress, even if they are sharing devices.

Virtual Dash in Blockly

With Make Wonder, students gain access to a Virtual Dash, right inside of the Blockly App (on iOS and Chrome Browser). They can test their code with Virtual Dash inside of the onscreen 3-D environment, before moving to programming a physical Dash in the classroom.


Blockly Pro

Available on Google Chrome and with a paid Make Wonder subscription, Blockly Pro enables kids to transition from Block-based to JavaScript coding, all while powering Dash.



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