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Activity Packets with Challenge Cards


Dash the Collector

Dash needs to collect some goodies, like candy and seashells (who wouldn’t?)! Introduce students to sequencing by using Blockly to program Dash to gather the objects. 

Download [Dash the Collector] for Teachers

Download [Dash the Collector] for Students

Don’t have a Bulldozer Bar? Fashion one using the Building Brick Connectors that come with each Dash and your own Lego® bricks or other materials.


​Dot at the Petting Zoo

Dot is excited to visit the petting zoo and meet some animals. Students will explore using loops within Blockly to program Dot to make animal sounds, hide from the escaped animals, and then help the animals go to sleep.

Don’t have a Dot? Let Dash do the talking! Dash can do everything Dot can do, so let Dash help the animals go to sleep.


Dash the Puppy

Dash is quite the character! Transform Dash into a puppy and use Blockly to program functions to have Dash perform tricks, speak, and run an obstacle course.

Download [Dash the Puppy] for Teachers

Download [Dash the Puppy] for Students

Sometimes Dash likes to be funny and do the unexpected. When you program the Speak Function, have Dash speak words in addition to barking.


​Dash's Road Trip

Time for a road trip, and what better buddy to travel with than Dash? Use Blockly to set variables to fill up and keep a full gas tank before the big trip.

Cross-Curricular Connection:

Have students design a new path to the gas station using at least 2 acute turns and 2 obtuse turns. Then have them calculate the sum of all of the angles Dash turned on the path.



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