Easy for teachers.
Fun for Kids.

With Make Wonder, teachers can easily create a coding curriculum from pre-built lessons and activities where students embark on coding adventures with Dash the robot in a virtual or real-world setting.


Where technology meets imagination.

With Make Wonder, students gain access to a vibrant virtual world (on Chrome & iOS) where Virtual Dash executes their programming commands right on screen. That way, each student can be engaged in solving coding puzzles with a robot without the need to purchase a physical robot for all. 


Pre-Built, Standards-Aligned Lessons

Coding Pathways are ready-made, multimedia coding lessons teachers assign from the Make Wonder dashboard and kids complete inside of Blockly. For each grade level, there are 10-15 activities that are 15-20 minutes each. Teachers track student progress in the dashboard and are alerted if a student appears stuck.


Manage your classroom in a snap.

With Make Wonder, students can now maintain their own progress in Blockly by tapping into their profile set up by their teacher. The classroom setup features in Make Wonder enable teachers to use quick add, Google classroom and other techniques to accelerate the process of getting started. Toggles also enable personalizing other features for students like turning on the Read Aloud feature for early readers.


A bird's eye view of student achievement

Our in-depth progress trackers give valuable insights into how students are doing as they complete the challenges you’ve assigned. Whether you’re tracking their progress through Blockly Puzzles, Math Activities, Challenge Cards, or the Coding Pathways lessons, you get a clear view of where things stand along with advice for how to support students who are struggling.


Put the M back in STEM

Our 60 Math Activities give students a chance to practice coding skills and math skills at the same time. Aligned to math standards in grades 3-5, these activities are completely plug and play. Assign to students and they complete them inside of Blockly using Virtual Dash. Track their progress right from the teacher dashboard.


Hours and hours of challenges

Included in your Make Wonder subscription are 72 Digital Challenge Cards you can assign to to students to complete using Blockly and a physical Dash or Dot robot. These are aligned to the code.org standards A-F and feature quick challenges that bolster coding skills. Challenge Cards are great for station work or for providing additional challenges to students who complete an activity early.



When it's time to level up to JavaScript

New for 2023-24, Blockly Pro, available only to Make Wonder subscribers, is a Chrome-based app that powers Dash and provides students the ability to toggle between Block-based and JavaScript coding. There are hours of challenges you can assign to help move students through this transition.


Wonder League is part of Make Wonder

This year marks the Wonder League Robotics Competition’s 9th Year! Teams competing in the Innovator Cup (Ages 6-8) and Pioneer Cup (Ages 9-12) are presented with five missions designed to spark creativity, encourage collaboration, and engage participants in real-world problem-solving. Teams complete missions at their own pace and submit via our online portal. Make Wonder Classroom includes space for up to 6 Teams of 5!



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