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Join a community of educators from across the globe, preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Wonder Workshop provides the tools and resources you need to inspire innovation, regardless of coding experience.

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Teach Wonder

Teach Wonder, our online professional learning course begins with the why of computer science and empowers teachers to weave computational thinking and creative problem solving into everyday teaching. You’ll dive into coding and practice new concepts with creative and reflective learning activities.


Find Inspiration

On 2-3 Wednesdays each month, join us for live webinars that delve into topics that support teachers who are plunging into coding and robotics with students. 


Follow Our Blog

Read our blog, to find articles loaded with tips and tricks for getting started teaching coding and robotics. 


Watch Inspiring Videos

From tutorials to classroom application, browse our playlist of videos that illustrate the breadth of use for teaching and learning in elementary and middle school classrooms worldwide.


Attend Our STEAM Summits

Each Spring and each Fall, we are proud to host our International STEAM Summits. They provide a series of award-winning webinars, speakers, and workshops all available in a virtual setting that brings together educators and parents from around the world to learn how to engage kids in the exciting topic of STEAM education.


Meet Us

Customers who implement Tech Center solutions or larger are invited to an onboarding session with our Customer Success Team. They walk you through key features of Make Wonder and how to maximize its impact on your students’ experience. Inquire today about setting up your session.



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