7 WONDER-ful Spring Activities with Dash

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Spring into Coding with Dash

Give students the opportunity to engage in creative and collaborative projects with this roundup of Spring-themed activities. 

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Do the Egg Help Challenge!

 In this challenge card, students are asked to help Dash collect eggs by programming sequences.

Download this double-sided Challenge Card to use as a station with your students next week!

Play an Egg Toss Game

Egg Toss Game

Back in 2016, TechAgeKids.com posted a collection of fun Easter-related activities, including hosting an Easter parade with Dash and Dot dressed up in Easter bonnets. They also included an activity that challenges kids to program Dash to toss eggs into a bucket. Check it out!

Host an Easter Parade

Watch the Easter Parade Video posted by TechAgeKids and see Easter fun with Dash and Dot – Easter Bonnets and Wonder App 

Have Dash Recycle for Earth Day

Carrie Willis (@carriewillis18) and her elementary students at Valley Preparatory School in Redlands, CA, found a way to celebrate Earth Day with their entire school community — that included Dash! 

As part of a school-wide recycling initiative, the students at Valley Prep were able to use prior knowledge about recycling and coding to help Dash make good choices when disposing of waste on campus.

Here’s how you can replicate the activity with your students.

Gather materials:

  • One Dash robot
  • One gridded mat
  • Cups of varying sizes
  • 4 trash can labels: Paper & Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum, Compost
  • Various images representing paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and compost items

Create a gridded mat or use the Whiteboard Mat produced by Geyer Instructional.

Attach the four trash can labels to the larger cups and placed them upside down in a row at the end of the mat.

Then add a recyclable’s image on each of the smaller cups. Scatter the smaller cups, representing cardboard boxes, plastic containers, banana peels, etc., around the mat.

The challenge is for students to program Dash to collect and sort the recyclables. Students need to first move Dash to one of the smaller cups and position the robot behind the cup. Then to deliver the item to the appropriate recycle bin, Dash has to push the cup in the right direction without moving past the bin.

Mrs. Willis found a recycling activity sticker kit from the Dollar Tree but these images could be replicated using colored paper and clip art or student drawings.

Write a Haiku for National Poetry Month (April)

Teach coding across the curriculum with this Lesson from our Cross Curricular Lesson Library! Teach students all about Haiku’s, have them write a Haiku, and then have them program Dash to act out their Haiku!

Program Dash to Show All His Colors

This Challenge Card provides a fun activity for students to learn how to code Dash to display the colors around his eyeball! Below is the solution to the Challenge Card.

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