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Coming Soon: Coding Pathways

New for the 2022-23 school year, we are proud to announce Coding Pathways: Multimedia, standards-based coding and robotics lessons that encourage active learning through creative problem solving. 

With no prep required, it’ll be easier than ever to teach computer science fundamentals. Just assign a Pathway and you’re done. The pathways are standards-aligned and feature engaging storylines. Kids learn concepts and complete challenges right inside of Blockly. 

Learn more about Coding Pathways.

Class Connect
Dash's Neighborhood

No Robot? No Problem.

Your subscription to Class Connect unlocks our Virtual Robot inside of Blockly for Web and iOS. Kids can solve robot coding challenges by moving Dash around right on the screen in a rich, 3D environment.

Class Connect:
Teach More. Learn More. Do More.

With Class Connect, educators can give students a warm welcome to coding and robotics and see exactly where their work fits within a comprehensive scope and sequence of skills. Combining an always-on progress dashboard, a virtual robot, and just-in-time curricular resources for the instructor, Class Connect makes it easy for teachers to help students learn important skills, even without having a lot of coding experience. And now with Math Activities, Class Connect enables teachers to do more with Dash and use coding to reinforce core curriculum concepts in challenging and innovative ways.

Teach More

Coding puzzles get kids started in Blockly. Coding Pathways is the next step in learning core coding concepts. Then, level up your math curriculum with our series of challenges that reinforce key math concepts and engage kids in fun, problem-solving adventures! 

Learn More

Now included in Class Connect are digital versions of the 72 Challenges Cards from our Challenge Card Box Set. Assign cards and activities that pop up inside of each student’s Blockly app and let the fun and learning begin! This fall, you’ll be able to assign Coding Pathways to deliver lessons directly to students.

Do More With Dash

Using our Virtual Robot or a physical Dash robot, assign and monitor student progress through coding challenges. Now with a Class Connect subscription, each student can maintain their own progress inside of the Blockly app, and pick up where they left off. 

What Are Class Connect's Key Features?


Introducing: Coding Pathways

Class Connect’s coding challenges and math activities are just the beginning! With Coding Pathways, Class Connect becomes a complete, end-to-end coding and robotics solution. The program provides Level D-F coding lessons supported by story-based activities that kids love. Teachers track individual student progress and the platform even highlights when a kid seems to be “stuck.”

Learn more about Coding Pathways.


1:1 robot access, anytime, anywhere

Your Class Connect subscription unlocks Dash’s Neighborhood, which includes a virtual Dash robot that is programmable inside of a rich, 3D environment. Now bringing code to life in a 1:1 environment is possible without needing a physical robot for each student. Dash’s Neighborhood is available in Blockly on iOS and on the web in Chrome.

Virtual Robot
Math Activities


Pick from dozens of kid-facing, step-by-step activities

Standards-aligned, learn-to-code puzzles and math activities are presented inside of the Blockly app so that students can jump right into coding and learning. Exciting stories immerse students in challenges that require subject-matter understanding, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Choose from 60 low-prep, at-your-fingertips math activities for a year’s worth of fun and learning. And starting this fall, choose a level-aligned Pathway to assign to students and let the app explain the concepts directly to students.


View and track student work

The progress dashboards in Class Connect provide a window into exactly what code each student writes as they work through the puzzles and math activities inside of the Blockly App. Answer keys show suggested solutions and recommended lessons for students who need additional reinforcement. View time spent as well as how many attempts the student made.

Progress Tracking
Classroom Management


Create and manage student profiles

Class Connect enables teachers to create student profiles so that they can share devices while maintaining their own progress. Profile names and access codes are anonymized to comply with COPPA regulations, while still giving students their own destination inside of the app. Share classrooms with other teachers to collaborate further.


Tons of wraparound resources

Each activity includes step-by-step instructions, suggested solutions, topic walk-throughs, and recommended practice, making the teaching of coding and robotics accessible to every teacher, regardless of coding experience. Lessons are available for download and include additional, curated resources, like videos and follow-up discussion questions.

Bulit-in Support

The Teacher Success Pack Has Everything You Need

The Teacher Success Pack grants access to 1 Teacher and 35 students (for 12, 24, or 36 months) to the following:

Class Connect 

  • The Virtual Dash robot for 1:1 coding in a rich 3D environment (iPads or Chromebooks).
  • New for 2022-23: Coding Pathways – Standards-aligned, student-facing coding lessons and activities inside of the Blockly app.
  • Student accounts so kids can share devices while preserving their own progress as they work through puzzles and activities
  • 60 standards-aligned Math activities
  • Progress tracking and classroom management for the teacher
  • 72 Digital Learn to Code Challenge Cards (available Back to School – 2022)

Cross Curricular Lesson Library

  • Premium lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level

Teach Wonder

  • Enrollment for 1 teacher in our online professional development course, “Intro to Coding and Robotics with Dash & Dot.”

Wonder League Robotics Competition

  • Full access to the missions and resources for the competition. Note: The 2021-22 WLRC has concluded. Missions are still available to use with students.

This price is discounted for educational institutions. 

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Part of a Comprehensive Suite of Resources

“Learn to code” and “code to learn” with Wonder Workshop’s suite of resources. Join a community of educators passionate about inspiring the innovators of the future.




Professional Development

Robotics Competition

Educator Community


The 4th Grade-level math activities were developed in collaboration with AVID.

With AVID STEM Connections™, you’ll find easy-to-use lessons plans and ancillary materials created by teachers for teachers. The lessons are grab-and-go and the only prep needed is to read them over and decide when to use them.

Together, Class Connect and AVID STEM Connections will empower your students to reimagine their futures through the lens of a STEM mindset.

What Teachers Say About Class Connect

student success

“Wonder Workshop Class Connect is a great addition to our technology curriculum. It allows the teachers to see exactly where students are in their progress with coding and students are able to work at their own pace which allows for differentiation. The students love Dash and Dot and I love how easy it is to document their learning!”

Lindsey S.
2nd Grade Teacher
K-5 Classroom
authentic practice

“As math coach, I am always looking for activities that will engage my students and yet give them authentic math practice on their grade level standards. The robots are extremely engaging, and make the students want to do the problems so that they can move the robot.”

math coach/teacher
detailed lesson plans

“The teacher lesson plans were VERY thorough. I loved the videos included for the students along with the multitude of options for the teacher. It makes it very easy to fit your time constraints, student levels and needs, enrich your higher students and generally meet all the needs of every child.”

kimberly J.
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