Introducing Wonder Workshop Class Connect

Designed for the award-winning Dash & Dot robots and the kid-friendly Blockly programming app, Class Connect gives teachers a tool to understand where students are succeeding and struggling in real time. Gather all your students’ progress in one place, and discover the right standards-based lessons and resources for teaching every concept. Now featuring Dash's Neighborhood, our virtual robot!

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Connect a world of teaching and learning.

Class Connect makes it easy to reach every classroom with Wonder Workshop’s comprehensive coding and robotics platform. With Class Connect, you will be set up for success with our entire suite of products and services.


"Wonder Workshop Class Connect has made a positive impact on our coding adventure. We love being able to see our progress on the puzzles. It helps us talk about what was difficult and set goals for what they want to accomplish."


2nd Grade Teacher, Wisconsin

"I can access in a quick glance what my dashboard says then I can use all my other teacher senses to really see what’s going on. It’s a life saver, especially for saving time and making the coding experience easier for my students."


EdTech & Robotics Specialist, Washington

“Wonder Workshop Class Connect is a great addition to our technology curriculum. It allows the teachers to see exactly where students are in their progress with coding and students are able to work at their own pace which allows for differentiation. The students love Dash and Dot and I love how easy it is to document their learning!”


K–5 Technology Teacher, Iowa

Tailor instruction to every student.

With Class Connect, educators can give their students a warm welcome to coding and robotics and see exactly where student activity falls within a comprehensive scope and sequence of skills. Combining an always-on progress dashboard and just-in-time resources for the instructor, Class Connect makes it easy for teachers to help students learn, even without experience.

  • Capture student progress instantly.

    Diagnose coding level and check for understanding throughout our K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum. You will see exactly what code your students wrote and which concepts were involved.

  • Teach with relevant resources.

    Know exactly how you can help students with solutions, walkthroughs, lessons, standards, and recommended practice. No matter where your students are in the learning progression, you can find the right material.

  • Integrate coding and robotics schoolwide.

    Support beginning teachers with a shared view of student learning and find meaningful ways to enable cross-curricular connections together.

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Teach coding and robotics with confidence

Whether you are ready to start with just one teacher or grow coding and robotics throughout your whole school, we have a Success Pack that is perfect for you and your needs. Discover our software, professional learning course, and lesson plans designed to inspire.

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Coding is the new team sport. Take those new skills to a new level!

Ignite curiosity and inspire confidence in students ages 6-14 by participating in our annual Wonder League Robotic Competition (WLRC). Teams from around the world compete virtually (and for FREE) toward three STEAM-grant grand prizes of $5,000 each.

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