Dash’s Obstacle Course: Numbers Game

Program Dash to navigate around the numbers! What You’ll Need Dash Set up Time 10 minutes Supplies Paper or card stock Markers Tape Mission: Dash is a number master! Use Blockly to teach your robot to count forwards, backwards, and everything in between! Setup: Grab your art supplies and create some flash cards with numbers […]

Make It A Summer of Wonder

Summer is just about here, but that’s no reason for the STEM learning to come to a halt. These activity packets are designed to engage students in critical and creative thinking, all summer long, even if they don’t own a Dash robot. That’s why we’ve included offline activities and summer reading recommendations in addition to […]

Lessons to Explore Eclipses with Dash

Help students understand the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse with this activity with Dash! What is the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse?  A solar eclipse is when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on Earth. This occurs during the day, darkening the sky as the […]

MINT-Bildung im Alltag: 9 Spaßprojekte für Eltern und Kinder

MINT-Bildung – Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik – ist nicht nur eine wichtige Säule unserer Gesellschaft, sondern auch ein unglaublich spannendes Feld für groß und klein. Diese 10 Projekte zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie spielend leicht wissenschaftliches Staunen in den Familienalltag integrieren können. 1. DIY-Solarofen Basteln Sie zusammen Ihren eigenen Solarofen und lernen Sie so die […]

7 WONDER-ful Spring Activities with Dash

Spring into Coding with Dash Give students the opportunity to engage in creative and collaborative projects with this roundup of Spring-themed activities.  Got an idea to share? Post it on social media and tag us @wonderworkshop! Do the Egg Help Challenge!  In this challenge card, students are asked to help Dash collect eggs by programming […]

Einstieg in den Dash-Roboter: Eine Anleitung für Kinder, Eltern und Lehrer

Einführung Herzlich willkommen in der Welt des Dash-Roboters! Dash ist ein freundlicher kleiner Roboter, der Kindern spielerisch die Welt der Technik und Programmierung näherbringt. Mit Dash können Kinder nicht nur ihre Kreativität ausleben, sondern auch wertvolle Fähigkeiten für ihre Zukunft entwickeln. In dieser Anleitung zeigen wir dir, wie du Dash auspackst, einrichtest und erste lustige […]

Celebrate Pi Day with Dash

https://youtu.be/0ElY7g4RtgA Pi Day Challenge: March 14, or 3/14, is “Pi Day,” and is a celebration of the mathematical concept π, which represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14, hence the March 14 Pi Day festivities! Here is the Challenge: Can you figure out how to code […]

Bring Design Thinking Principles to Your STEM Program

We’re diving deep into the heart of design thinking and how it can transform your STEM classroom into a hub of innovation and problem-solving.  Design thinking, with its emphasis on empathy, ideation, and experimentation, isn’t just for designers. It’s a mindset that can empower your students to approach problems with a creative lens, develop resilience […]

8 Ways to Fall in Love with Dash (Again!)

Wonder Workshop’s Robots — Programmed With Love Can you feel the love in the air? ’Tis the season! And robots are definitely worthy of love, too. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day activities for your classroom. Turn your STEM efforts into STEAM by trying some of these crafty, “A”rtsy ideas. Open yourself to love: Use cardboard […]



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