Stunde des Codes

Bring coding to life with Wonder Workshop activities

Hour of Code is December 4-10, 2023

On-Demand Student-Facing Webinar

No Robot Necessary!

On December 4, 2023, we hosted a magical hour of coding with our very own Bryan Miller who guided students through a coding activity part of Make Wonder

We made Virtual Dash available to all participants for free so kids could use Blockly with Virtual Dash to solve an exciting, story-based challenge on screen. 

Didn’t make the live show? Watch it on demand.

Hour of Code Special

Normally priced at $395 for a 12-month subscription, Make Wonder Classroom is available for only $99.

Sale extended to December 10, 2023!

Get ready for Hour of Code with Make Wonder Classroom today!

Activity Packets for Hour of Code

Explore the coding concepts of sequences, loops, variables, and functions with Dash. Find step-by-step instructions and discussion questions, plus Blockly solutionsstudent worksheets, and lesson plans.

Each of the packets contains three 15- to 25-minute activities.

Sample Wonder League Missions

While you’re getting ready for Hour of Code, consider activities like past Wonder League Robotics Competition missions. These are oldies but goodies. Geared for ages 9-12 but appropriate for older or younger kids.

It’s not too late to join the 2023-24 Wonder League Robotics Competition. It’s virtual and self-paced. Click to learn more.


Coding zum Leben erwecken

Our suite of accessories, sold individually or all together in the Wonder Pack, enable Dash to draw, carry, and toss. See how students gain important STEM skills by building accessories and using them to accomplish tasks. What will your Dash do today? 

Make Wonder Klassenzimmer

Verwandeln Sie Ihr Klassenzimmer in ein Roboter-Abenteuer, bei dem das Programmierenlernen Spaß macht. Das Abonnement bietet Konten für 35 Schüler und 1 Lehrer.
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Wonder Classroom mit Dash gestalten

Dieses Klassenzimmer-Paket enthält ein Make Wonder Classroom-Abonnement für 35 Schüler und 1 Lehrer sowie 6 Dash-Roboter.
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Wonder Classroom mit Wonder Packs gestalten

Dieses Klassenzimmer-Paket enthält ein Make Wonder Classroom-Abonnement für 35 Schüler und 1 Lehrer sowie 6 Dash-Roboter, 2 Sketch-Kits, 2 Launchers und 2 Gripper-Baukästen.
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