Virtual Dash Robot

Your subscription to Class Connect unlocks a Virtual Dash Robot inside of the Blockly app on iOS and the web.

Kids can program Dash right onscreen and see the commands play out in a rich 3-D environment we call Dash’s Neighborhood.

Dash's Neighborhood

A Robot for Every Learner.

"Virtual Dash is a game changer to get all students in my class coding at the same time. Students with no prior coding experience can work step-by-step through the puzzles, whereas students with coding experience can write code for the virtual Dash, run it, then run the same code to watch Dash move. All students are actively engaged, having fun, and being challenged!"

- Tammy Fietkau, 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher, John Milledge Academy, Milledgeville, GA


Same Dash, But On Your Screen

Now every student can program their favorite robot online. Virtual Dash reimagines the delightful, award-winning Dash robot in a rich, 3D environment. Students will love creating and exploring with their own Dash while building coding skills.


Introducing: Coding Pathways

With the addition of Coding Pathways, Class Connect becomes a complete, end-to-end coding and robotics solution. The program provides Level D-F coding lessons supported by story-based activities that kids love. Teachers will track individual student progress and the platform will even highlight when a kid seems to be “stuck.

Class Connect:
Your Key to Doing More With Dash

Virtual Dash is available to Blockly users who are connected to a current Class Connect subscription via a Teacher’s KEY.

Why Class Connect? Class Connect is a like Mission Control for educators, combining classroom management, activity assigning, progress tracking, a virtual robot, and just-in-time curricular resources, like Coding Pathways, that make teaching coding concepts a snap.

Math Activities
Puzzles & Activities

For parents and educators, Class Connect is your dashboard for assigning exciting content for kids to use inside of Blockly.

From digital Challenge Cards, to Math Activities and introductory Puzzles, Class Connect enables your students to maintain their own progress in the app and for you to track it.

Classroom Management
Progress Tracking

The rich progress tracking functionality allows you to view exactly what code students are writing as they attempt to solve challenges and puzzles.

There’s even a “stuck” indicator light to focus your attention on students who seem to need added support.


Virtual Dash

Integrated directly inside of the Blockly app for subscribers to Class Connect, Virtual Dash allows kids to practice and prototype before collaborating with others and testing their code on a physical Dash robot.

Virtual Dash brings the same charming personality kids love.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite of Learning Resources

Students learn to code and code to learn with Wonder Workshop’s suite of resources.

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