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“The MOST fun way to foster coding skills: through robotics!”


Designed for learning, engineered for fun.

At Wonder Workshop, our family of award-winning robots and age-appropriate apps encourage hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible. Our vision is to inspire kids of all ages by giving them tools to imagine and invent the future.

A complete platform that is kid approved, teacher recommended.

Our tailored solutions propel the fun forward with personable robots and apps designed for kids ages 5-14. See how Virtual Dash and the Class Connect platform provide educators and students the tools they need to build coding and problem-solving skills and engineer the future. Explore and track progress through in-app puzzles, standards-aligned math activities, and our Coding Pathways curriculum. Annual robotics challenges engage kids on another level and our professional learning opportunities support educators who are establishing a foundation for 21st-century learning.


  • Robotics clubs for elementary schools

  • A new way to play

  • DASH Challenge Card - Project 4.4

  • Getting started with Dash & Dot for teachers

  • Introducing Sketch Kit for Dash + Cue robots

  • Wonder League Robotics Competition

  • Teach Wonder - Professional Development Courses

  • WonderPaw - World’s First App That Teaches Dogs To Code

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