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Empower your K-8 students with standards-aligned coding courses, intuitive pre-built lesson plans for all levels, engaging robot-themed exercises, and a comprehensive dashboard for teacher training and progress tracking – trusted by over 40,000 schools, including the US’s largest district.

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Elevate your district-wide coding curriculum.

Make Wonder streamlines district-wide coding curriculum development with pre-built, assignable lessons easily tracked from a teacher dashboard; engage your students in a captivating virtual coding journey with Dash and further enrich their experience by programming a tangible Dash robot.”


Meet the most trusted coding robot solution.

Recognized for its durability and long-standing market presence, Dash is the foremost district robot solution, seamlessly bridging physical tasks and virtual exploration in Make Wonder to enhance and elevate STEM education in a captivating manner.


Apps to extend teacher options, and student exploration.

Our apps offer both students and teachers options for extended exploration. While students delve into coding concepts like loops, events, and sequences, educators are equipped with differentiated apps to further amplify student learning. This ensures that programming Dash remains straightforward and engaging, adapting as students progress.


Meet the Wonder League

Celebrating the 9th year of the Wonder League Robotics Competition, we invite your district to unite through the Innovator Cup (Ages 6-8) and Pioneer Cup (Ages 9-12). These challenges, consisting of five distinct missions, are crafted to foster creativity, promote teamwork, and immerse students in authentic problem-solving. With flexible pacing and easy online submissions, we encourage your district’s participation to elevate student engagement and collaboration. Discover how to be a part of this enriching experience today!


Empower teachers. Inspire imagination.

Connect with a global community of educators committed to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Wonder Workshop offers comprehensive tools and resources tailored to inspire innovation, irrespective of your coding background. Beyond our webinars, workshops, online courses, and bi-annual STEAM Summits, we also provide in-person, customized professional development solutions. Explore how our multifaceted programs can elevate your school’s professional development experience this year.


Your personalized district customer success manager.

Invest in your district with Wonder Workshop’s tailored solution. When you partner with us, a dedicated Customer Success Manager is at your service, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing support. They’ll be your direct point of contact for onboarding and all future needs, making the journey seamless and attuned to your district’s goals.

Create a custom solution for your district

Whether it’s implementing one of our pre-set bundles or crafting a tailored solution, Wonder Workshop is eager to align with your vision. Our customer success team stands ready to collaborate, ensuring our product family seamlessly integrates with your district’s needs.



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