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Your child’s safety is our priority. We believe you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both. We want to empower users to make the best decisions about the information that they share with us.


Where can I find Wonder Workshop’s privacy policy?

You can find Wonder Workshop’s Privacy Policy here and linked to in the footer on all of our site pages.

Are Wonder Workshop’s robots and software COPPA compliant?

Yes. Dash, Dot, Cue, and their companion apps are COPPA compliant and COPPA certified. Wonder Workshop works with kidSAFE, which is one of a very few organizations approved by the FTC to confer COPPA Certification, which is reviewed annually under the Safe Harbor program. You can learn more about kidSAFE here.


Wonder Workshop does not collect any personal information about children under 13 with its apps or connected software without parental consent.

Wonder Workshop’s mobile apps for Dash and Dot, designed for kids ages 6+, do not have associated user accounts. Therefore, we do not ask for or collect any personal identifying information. The apps and the connected software – Go, Path, Xylo, Blockly, and Wonder – are downloaded to compatible devices, where any user behavior, such as in-app puzzle progress or the Blockly profile entries, are stored locally via cookies.

The Cue™ mobile app may require the creation of an account via email. If the user is identified as under the age of 13 via a birth date check, we require a parent or guardian’s consent. The Cue™ mobile app is made available to users via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

The Cue™ desktop app is available to users in an educational setting via the Microsoft Store on Windows10 and via on Chromebooks.

Teachers and students can log in via their Google and Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) methods.

Teachers or guardians have the option to create COPPA-certified student accounts by sharing classroom codes.

None of the student accounts are ever publicly displayed or shared. Only the student or the proxy who created the account has access to the said account with the chosen username and password. We recommend updating usernames and secure passwords once a year.

The only app and connected software data that we do collect automatically is not personally identifying information. It can include anonymized details related to the device – smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.– used to access our product or service, diagnostic data (e.g., crash information) of the robot in use data related to your use of and engagement with our account system, apps, etc.


Our website is designed to support adults and kids’ use of products, from setup to implementation. No data is collected from users when they visit the website.

Our website does not market to children. We respect our adult visitor’s privacy, and we strive to be clear on what data we do and do not collect:

We do automatically collect data related to your use of and engagement with the website – where and/or how long users stay on the website – in efforts to improve our internal practices to provide you with the most streamlined web experience.

If you make a purchase, create an account, engage through social, or apply for a job, you are voluntarily sharing your information with us. We do collect the following information only if you opt into sharing this data with us through our website when purchasing, creating an account, engaging through social media, or applying for a job:

Identity: first name, last name, age, username, and password

Contact: email and mailing address

Payment: shipping and billing information required to process your shipment(s). We do not store any payment details such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, or other forms of payment used to process orders placed through our web store

User Content: text, image, video or a combination of such media authored by using our Service

Advertising and Social Media: certain personal data – determined by your privacy settings within your Web Browser(s) or Social Media profiles – when you interact with our ads and other related content

Job Data: details related to your work history if you apply for a job with Wonder Workshop

In our Make Wonder subscription product, students’ work is private to their classroom by default. A teacher on a Make Wonder subscription may choose to share their classroom’s work with other adults.

For Make Wonder, we may collect and store app usage data from kids. The app usage data does not contain any personal information. It does include:

• app profile name

• user-created programs

• user-created program names

• solution programs

• time spent in the App

This information may be linked with specific student information in the Make Wonder teacher portal. This portal is intended for use by teachers and other adults. The teacher purchases a license or uses a free tier. The teacher can then use the portal to set up a “Classroom” by entering student names into the portal. This can include the students’ first and last names, based on the teacher’s choice and with the appropriate form of verifiable consent under COPPA (if necessary). It is possible for the app usage data from children to be linked with the students’ full names. The teacher controls this information. It is not shared publicly.

How does Wonder Workshop protect user accounts?


What is GDPR?

The European Union (EU) has established the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the processing of an individual’s personal data and the free movement of that personal data. We have created a strict set of privacy guidelines to support these changes. As part of this, we have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These updates provide more transparency and insights as to how Wonder Workshop protects your privacy, gives you security, and ensures you have control over your information.

How does Wonder Workshop comply with GDPR?


  • Our updated Privacy Policy has all the information you need to understand what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use and store it, and when and with whom we share it.
  • No matter who we work with, you will always be protected under Wonder Workshop’s Privacy Policy. You can see a full list of the third-party services and what information we share with each, so you’re always in the know.


  • Wonder Workshop’s servers are in highly secure, military-grade data centers that are access-controlled. Wonder Workshop uses bank-grade security at the software and network level to ensure all information is transmitted securely.


  • Our Privacy Policy explains the rights and choices you have over your personal information.

GDPR Frequently Asked Questions

What personal information do you collect about students?

We ask for the minimum necessary information from students to register for the service: often just a name. In general, we don’t ask for gender, email, address, or student ID. Anything else collected is restricted to information needed for educational and safety purposes, or to provide and improve the service. For the classroom-focused, Cue web app, we do ask for an email address in order to associate the account with the Teacher’s account, but there is a Student Privacy Agreement that must be agreed to by a Teacher, on behalf of the Parent, before the user’s submission is allowed. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on information collected directly from students.

What personal information do you collect from teachers, parents, and school leaders?

Personal information is information that can be used to identify or contact a particular individual or a particular device. We never collect sensitive personal information, as defined by GDPR standards.

We do ask for some limited information such as email, which is provided directly from teachers, school leaders, and parents. We also collect some information related to technology issues in order to provide you with the best possible experience. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

Will my information ever be sold or rented to other organizations?

No. Your personal information is your own. Wonder Workshop never sells or rents the personal information you give us to any third parties, for any reason.

I want to exercise my rights under GDPR. Where can I do that?

Please contact us at or by clicking on the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Does Wonder Workshop ever share, rent, or sell user information to third parties?

No. Wonder Workshop does not share, rent, or sell user information, ever. The data that we retain is used to enhance our products and the overall user experience with Wonder Workshop. You can see a full list of Third-Party Services we use to provide, maintain, protect, and improve our services.

How does Wonder Workshop work with schools?

The parameters outlined above are applicable to our work with adults and kids, whether in a home or school setting. Do ask your school about whether or not the teachers can act in proxy for parents or caregivers when setting up student accounts for student under the age of 13. We share best practices for protecting kids’ privacy with our educators on a regular basis through training and shared content. When it comes to third-party plugins, service provides, etc., we follow the necessary COPPA requirements and review our practices with kidSAFE annually.

What if I need to make changes to or have questions regarding my account?

If you need any assistance, please contact our Customer Care Advisors by email or by clicking on the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.



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