Expand Dash's Abilities

Our suite of three accessories, which are all included in the Wonder Pack, enable Dash to draw, carry, and toss. With those three skills, the possibilities are endless. What will your Dash do today?


Bring code to life.

With Sketch Kit, kids can visualize the results of their code on a large-scale, dry-erase surface. Express creativity and exercise critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills while drawing geometric shapes of any kind.


Lift + carry your imagination further.

The Gripper Building Kit, designed exclusively for Wonder Workshop Dash and Cue robots, is an easy-to-construct set of functioning arms that expand your robots’ capabilities.


Get ready to score big.

With a simple robot head nod, launch balls with precision and accuracy at targets or into containers.

Wonder Workshop's Legacy Accessories


Accessory Pack

Back in the day, this package included a bulldozer bar, bunny ears, a bunny tail, and a tow hook.

Mobile Phone Mount

Mobile Phone Mount

Another early accessory for Dash was a phone mount. Phones were a lot smaller back then!



One of Wonder Workshop’s original accessories for Dash, Xylo enabled Dash to play a tune.