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3D Ways to Celebrate the End of the Year with Dash & Dot

May 14, 2018

Our Wonder League Robotic Competitions (WLRC) coaches prove to be so inspirational year after year. They are the ones who are helping us tailor the competition to be most inspiring and most meaningful to the teams of kids participating. And the coaches run the gamete of being classroom teachers, media specialists, librarians, after-school facilitators, and parent volunteers; all of whom deserve to be applauded during #TeacherAppreciationWeek and beyond. All of our WLRC coaches are educators at heart, and they are the dedicated cheerleaders who keep their teams working tirelessly on our WLRC missions month over month (stay tuned for the Facebook Live announcement of the two $5,ooo STEM grant grand prize winners on May 23rd!)

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One of our coaches of some local San Francisco teams shared her idea of creating 3D printed trophies for all of her WLRC team members this year. She worked closely with a relative to create the .stl file. She shared this recent picture of her de facto assembly line, and then the fully assembled awards with handcrafted bases. What a way to celebrate kids’ individual contributions and achievements.

3D-printed Dash trophies!

As you wind down your end of the school year, how might you create and use such 3D Dash (or Cue!) awards? Think of all those characteristics you could recognize:

  • computational thinking
  • creativity
  • coding prowress
  • collaboration
  • design thinking
  • grit

These 3D trophies model the potential of today’s technology, and no doubt these trophies will occupy a special shelf in a child’s room. Plus … how fun!

Photos and .stl file shared by Icovarrubias via Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2814357/#files

Another Wonder Workshop educator, Luis Covarrubias, recently shared similar thinking on ThingVerse.com! And he even included the .stl file so that you can print your own: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2814357/#files. Well shared, Luis!

We made these at our school to give out as trophies for students that accomplished our programming course using Dash & Dot. It takes about 5 hours on a 0.2 layer height setting, they’re not perfect but we don’t mind, certainly our elementary students don’t seem to mind either, kids are happy with their trophies!

Whoa! @Educ8rTX used Icovarrubias’s file to create a 3D-printed model of Dash using glow-in-the-dark filament!

Show us how you plan on celebrating all your students have done with Dash & Dot on Twitter (@WonderWorkshop) and use the hashtag #dashanddot so we can see all your above-and-beyond efforts. Thank you, teachers, for all you do!