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Introducing Math Monthly!

Nov 2, 2021

Earn badges and certificates for your classroom while bolstering math fluency with Dash!

We are pleased to invite you to join our new Math Monthly Program launching today for the 2021-2022 school year to support the use of math activities in your classroom.

As you may have heard, in August, we released 60 standards-aligned math activities inside our platform, Class Connect. Thousands of students are using the activities already and the numbers are growing each month. To build community around math literacy, coding, and robotics, and to make it easier for teachers to implement these activities in classrooms, we’re launching Math Monthly!

What is Math Monthly? Each month, we will present a set of math activities for you to assign your students. At the end of the month, all teachers who assigned at least one of the activities will be sent a badge and a certificate to post in the classroom and present to your students.

Fun! Right?

Wanna get involved? It’s super easy to join in. Click Count Me In and sign up! Then sign into Class Connect and locate the November math activities outlined below and assign them to your students! They will find them in their Blockly apps, and Dash will guide them through the story-based challenges that require the related math skill in order to solve them!

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Count Me In!

NOVEMBER: Math Monthly

November 3rd- November 30th

3rd Grade
  • Represent Multiplication and Arrays
  • Represent Multiplication with Number Lines
  • Solve Problems with Area
4th Grade
  • Expanded Form/ Rename Numbers
  • Compare and Order Numbers
  • Place Value to Round Numbers
5th Grade
  • Use Exponents
  • Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers
  • Develop Multiplication Fluency
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Math Monthly FAQ

What is Math Monthly?

Math Monthly is designed to support educators with a guided implementation of our brand-new Class Connect math activities.

The program is a series of monthly implementation options based on grade level and math topics. We are aligning the month with the core content/standards that are typically being completed in the classroom during a given month. Monthly emails will be sent with the suggested activities. At the end of each month, all educators who actively participated by assigning at least one of the activities to their students will receive a badge and certificate to post in the classroom and share with students.

How do I locate the math monthly recommended activities?

There are two ways to find out what are the recommended grade-level activities for the month. Make sure you sign up to receive email reminders by clicking “Count Me In” and/or check back here for a monthly blog post.

What if I already have assigned some of the activities that were recommended for the month?

No worries! If you already assigned/completed the activities earlier this school year, we will be able to include you as having participated. Keep planning as you see fit for your class and use this as a suggested implementation guide.

What if I can’t assign all of the activities for the month?

If you are unable to complete all the activities in the month, no problem! As long as you’ve assigned at least 1 of the recommended month’s math activities, you will receive an email with recognition at the end of the month.

Do the activities have to be completed by all students by the end of the month to count?

Activities can be completed when students are told to complete them by you, the teacher. We are looking to see that they were assigned in the given month.

Can I just do this with some of my students?

Yes! Assign the activities as you see fit. You can assign them to a few students or the whole class based on individual needs. Use the activities to reinforce skills previously taught or follow up a lesson with these as additional supplemental practice.

Why assign all math monthly activities?

If you follow the guided implementation that we have outlined, you will be able to use our math activities for the entire school year. We have laid out the progression for you.