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The Wonder League’s Top Teams & $5,000 STEAM Grant Grand Prize Winners Announcement

Jun 8, 2020

Year 5's Wonder League Robotics Competition: Quest for the Lost Realm


If there was ever a year to celebrate the grit, perseverance, creativity, collaboration and passion of our youth – this would be that year. 

This year’s Wonder League teams have been put to the test not only with the challenges set forth by Wonder Workshop and Cartoon Network as they look to help the creek kids from Craig of the Creek solve the greatest mystery of all – the quest for the Lost Realm but due to forces outside their control. 

With a global pandemic displacing many teams from one another due to lockdowns and quarantines, these teams continued to push themselves to find new ways to work together, solve problems, communicate more effectively, and push themselves to complete a journey that they started and refused to give up on. We at Wonder Workshop are humbled and in awe of all these teams have accomplished. 

“In these trying times for communities worldwide, we take inspiration from these children who shine a bright light to the future, with their perseverance, their creativity, and their teamwork. We applaud them, salute them, and thank them -- and the teachers, coaches, and parents who’ve supported them. You make the world a better place for all of us!” - Vikas Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop

Many of these teams stories and entries brought smiles to our faces when we needed them the most, made us laugh out loud and some even brought us to tears with their tenacity, tenderness and ability to communicate a larger message to all of us about the environment, the importance of community and the message of acceptance for those around them.

Your passion, your creativity, your out-of-the box thinking, your dedication and your heart – all  make us incredibly proud of all that you have accomplished. We are honored to be on this journey with you all. Thank you. 

Teams from across the globe joined this year’s competition and over the past 10 months, we have watched over 4,500 teams from 91 countries test the limits not only of our robots but of themselves. 

Teams had to conduct a robot rescue, stop a snack thief, protect a cardboard city, construct a bridge and unlock the Lost Gate – all to discover the Lost Realm and disable a pesky booby trap. And of course, all be dinnertime!  

Every team that participated in this year’s competition should be proud of what they have accomplished! We know we are! 

And now what we have all been waiting for! We are thrilled to announce this year’s Top 5 teams in each age category and of course our grand grant prize winners! 


Please take a moment and look at our Honorable Mention Awards. We have had so many incredible teams this year, and although there is no way we can recognize every team, we do want to make sure we highlight some more teams that wowed us with various aspects of their submissions!

The Top 5 in the 6-8 Age Bracket

The Puppy Loving Homebots from the United States. An all girls team.
Team Code Crushers from the United States.
Team Kazulak's Coding Kiddos from the United States, an all boys team.
Team RoboUnicorns from the United States. An all girls team.
Team Warrior from Taiwan. This year's 6-8 Winner!

The Top 5 in The 9-11 Age Bracket

Team Recycle 4 Life from the United States.
The Robos Team from Australia, an all girls team.
Roboscouts Team Wildcats from the United States, an all girls team.
Team Be Bold from the United States.
Team Mountain Explorers from Portugal, an all girls team. This year's 9-11 Winner!

The Top 5 in The 12-14 Age Bracket

The TechSisters Team from the United States, an all girls team.
Team Roaring Robots from the United States, an all boys team.
The Brampton Ninjas Team from Canada.
The Cue Machine from the United States, an all boys team.
Team Endhiran from the United States, this year's 12-14 winner!