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Awards That Will Surely Inspire Future Teams and Creators of Tomorrow

Apr 9, 2021

Year 6: Wonder League Robotics Competitions Honorable Mentions Awards

Not everyone can take home the Wonder League title, but every team has the chance to inspire others for future competitions and beyond. Take a peak at these teams for inspiration. These are the  recipients of this year’s Honorable Mention Awards. 


Artistic Achievement

For this award, we look for a team that brings a new creative twist  to the ordinary. Team La Miranda 6thC added their artistic flair to their final mission and had an eye for detail when it came to the little things. Each and every cube was a work of art. Absolutely beautiful! Their creativity didn’t stop there, they also created an environmental proposal to send to the Councillor of the Environment (which municipality?) about working with the city council to bring more sustainability to their local community through rooftop gardens. 

Most Inventive and Imaginative

Team MiBonBon created a community tool that could help capture the air pollution that threatens their local community. The tool and their presentation were fueled by  colorful and insightful imagination. We loved how they brought their ideas, their journey, and their coding to life. 

Most Enthusiastic Learners

The Magic Flute Oracle team demonstrated  a deep curiosity about the world. The team learned a lot from reading, going to museums, and doing activities in the community. Throughout the competition, they not only learned about coding and robotics, but also learned a lot about protecting the environment. The team did a great job summarizing their learnings  and communicating how they could help in the future. Keep that curiosity strong!

Most Collaborative Collaborators

The Coding Through Covid Team knows there is no “i” in the word team. The teamwork and collaboration came through loud and clear  with this team. From assigning roles, to narrating each and every part of their team journey, they were master collaborators.. This team’s hard work seemed all that more fun given the support that each member showed one another. 

Most Connected Community Connectors

The VSCO Squad showed their community building skills through their final mission journey. Not only did they reach out to their local community and local tribes for firsthand information, knowledge, and experience in solving some of their local environmental problems, but they showed  tremendous creativity and collaboration as a team. Their imaginative skits kept us all in stitches and made us feel part of their community.

Programming Pros

You know you have a team that is knocking it out of the park when it comes to programming when all your engineers are in awe. Team Andromeda did just that with their programming skills. Their code was “pretty magical” in the words of one of our engineers, it was lean, efficient and well thought through. Team Andromeda, clearly you have a job here at Wonder Workshop when you are ready.

Most Wonderful Wonderers

Team Magic Makers built a renewable energy park that would make any community developer blush. Utilizing each and every element from the local dam, this team ensured that their community would reep the benefits from their new energy park and showed off their creativity, problem solving skills and aptitude for forward thinking. We loved seeing the wonderful creations this team designed.

Outstanding Optimistic

From wandering kitties, endless nights of coding, temptations of just quitting, and battery malfunctions, Team Recycle 4 Life had their share of challenges but showed us their perseverance, their willingness to try and try again, and their teamwork until they finally got it! They prove that it’s not the destination but the journey that makes the effort worthwhile.

Super Set Designers

Radiant Robot Rescuers. This team utilized their mat to the fullest and turned it into a wild jungle including miniature-sized images of each team member. Ferns, tropical birds, caves, and wide trunk trees made this set a rainforest wonderland.

Until next season … keep coding, keep exploring and never stop learning!