Webinar — Getting Started with Coding and Robotics in K–8 Classrooms

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How exactly should teachers get started with coding and robotics to bring engagement, STEAM learning, and 21st century skills to their classrooms? Whether you’re a technology integrationist, librarian, grade level teacher, or administrator looking for resources to begin, the task of building a program and enabling effective learning can be daunting. Educators Angie Kalthoff and Ann Bartel have been there but after investigating the right resources, tools, and practices, progressed from having no experience to sharing their teaching strategies with colleagues and beyond. Register for Wonder Workshop’s upcoming webinar to hear how Angie and Ann integrate coding and robotics into everyday teaching and learning, and what you can do to get started.

Meet Angie

Angie Kalthoff - Headshot

My name is Angie Kalthoff and I am currently a Technology Integrationist in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I began my teaching career as an English as a Second Language teacher in an elementary setting in 2008. Over the past seven years, I have worked with educators and students as a coach, co-teacher, curriculum designer, and professional development facilitator. I love designing approaches for integrating technology and computer science in the classroom and sharing them with other educators!

I believe that all kids should have a chance to learn with a playful approach and see the connection to what they are learning and the world they live in. I see coding as a skill that encourages collaboration, communication, communication, and creativity. My curiosity was piqued with coding, which led to wanting to learn more about Computer Science (CS). Then CS led me to dig into computational thinking. As I continue to learn, I am excited to see what I will learn about next. I am excited to share CS education with other educators through my role as a Computer Science Fundamentals facilitator with Code.org and as a CIRCL Educators’ Educator.

Meet Ann

Ann Bartel - Headshot

My name is Ann Bartel and I am the Technology Integrator for Chilton School District.  This new role comes after teaching Physical Education (gym class!) for 30 years. After being bitten by the technology bug by using “Spell check” on an Apple 2e computer, I was inspired to use technology to make teaching easier. While sharing this philosophy with co-teachers I obtained obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Marian University.  I often describe myself as a poster child for “yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

I believe technology in the classroom should support great teaching & learning and should empower digital learners by providing resources that will allow them to become digital citizens, leaders, and creative individuals.

Any educator can introduce coding and robotics to their students with the right tools and resources. Not sure where to begin? In this webinar, we will share recommendations for technology, classroom strategies and lessons, as well as integration ideas that made our students curious, passionate, and successful with these new skills.

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