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Kicking Off the 2017–2018 Wonder League Robotics Competition

Jul 31, 2017

Join Now & Begin Recruiting Team Members

Last year’s winning teams, X-PLODE and the Pink Eagles

As we teased last month, we have revised the Wonder League Robotics Competition for 2017–2018 to invite more participants by offering a more flexible timeline and structure. Last year, we had more than 5,300 teams from 52 countries participate — and 47% of the team members were girls! We asked for quite a bit of feedback from last year’s dedicated coaches, and we’ve made some changes based on their suggestions. More detailed information will be included in this year’s Coach’s Guide, coming Aug. 14, but we wanted to share a bit now about this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition:

  • This year’s competition will still have two age categories: age 6–8 and age 9–12.
  • The missions will still be free and based on virtual team participation.
  • There will be three rounds of missions, plus a new invite-only final round.
  • This year, we will have a much larger window of opportunity to allow for more flexible scheduling of the three main missions, September — February.
  • Each of these three missions will have a few story-based challenges; you can participate in one mission, two missions, or all three missions!
  • The first mission will be released on Sept. 18; the second mission on Oct. 30; and the third on January 1. Your team can tackle the missions at any time, as submissions aren’t due until Feb. 16, 2018.
  • If your team wants a chance to compete in the invite-only round in March & April 2018, they will need to earn points by completing all three missions’ assignments. We will be detailing the criteria, points, and submission process in the upcoming Coach’s Guide.
  • We also will provide judging kits and celebration packs for the first three missions so that you can acknowledge and recognize your team’s accomplishments within your community.
  • Wonder Workshop will judge the final Invitational Round and award a $5000 STEM grant to one team in the age 6–8 category and one team in the age 9–12 category.

Excited? Begin the registration process today with our WLRC Registration Survey (it is editable so go ahead and get started):

Get Started

This year’s communication, distribution of materials, and collection of submissions will all take place on Edmodo, a free online platform. Join one of our two Coaches’ Cohorts even if you haven’t formed your teams yet:

  • 82kphg for the age 6–8 Coaches’ Cohort
  • 3p7g9u for the age 9–12 Coaches’ Cohort

We will begin sharing all details within our Edmodo Coaches’ Cohorts, and you can begin trading best practices with one another. We look forward to welcoming your teams to this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition!

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