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Mission Three: The Final WLRC Challenges

Dec 4, 2017

Next up? The Spring Invitational Round!

Although Mission Three was originally scheduled to be released on Jan. 1, 2018, we decided to share it earlier than announced due to the impending holidays. And it’s just in time for the Hour of Code. We heard from coaches that they needed to plan out the remaining time for teams to practice, and we understand the need for such stalwart scheduling!

Mission Three, comprised of three challenges, presents the most ambitious of the Space Island quests! This time, Mission Control Center and Dash need to work together to put on an out-of-this-world planetary parade, unlike anything seen before in the whole universe. It’s time to celebrate the opening of this cosmic community.

In Mission Three, teams will be tasked with exploring sequences, events, loops, conditionals, and variables. And it’s sensor time! Teams will improve upon their navigation skills by using a combination of the encoders, gyro and proximity sensors. Teams are also highly encouraged to use IR sensors to detect robots and use their location as a reference point.

As before, we still are asking for teams to document their planning and reflections, and they can do so in a variety of formats: writings or drawings, audio or video recordings. And to cap of this final mission, we are asking teams to put together a creative PSA or infomercial-style video showcasing all they have accomplished in these story-based missions. We will release Mission Three’s sample solutions on Jan. 8 in the Submission Process & Solution Guide.

Many coaches have been telling us that they may not finish all three missions, and that’s okay! Our goal this year is to have thousands of kids participating (not necessarily competing) in the Wonder League. Those who do want to be considered for the final Invitational Round need to submit all required evidence from all three missions by Feb. 16, 2018; you’ll find details in the Submission Process & Solution Guide. We will be inviting only 1,000 teams to the Invitational Round, so use our Celebration Pack to recognize teams’ accomplishments locally.

Note: The Mission Three Logbook, the Celebration Pack, and the Submission Process & Solution Guide are all available within the Coaches’ Cohort groups on Edmodo. Read more not-to-be-missed tips for WLRC coaches:

Registration is still open until the end of the month! Make sure your teams’ data is accurate and completed (you can revisit it with the edit link you received in your confirmation email). Continue to share your teams’ stories using the hashtags #WonderLeague and #WLRC. Thank you for making this year’s Wonder League the greatest yet!

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Our SS are utilizing computational reasoning, coding, creativity, and collaboration on the @WonderWorkshop #WLRC They are solving problems as self-directed learners to ensure they are following the complex parameters. #realworldproblemsolving pic.twitter.com/LfLgTO8Ies

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