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Time to Register for the Wonder League Robotics Competition

Jul 31, 2017

First Three Steps

We are kicking off the Wonder League Robotics Competition for the 2017–2018 school year! We have lots of exciting announcements (read more HERE), as we’ve listened to your feedback and are evolving the competition to invite more participation, create a more flexible timeline, and enrich the learning opportunity — even more than the past two years.

This month, we are encouraging all coaches to register their teams in anticipation of the first mission being released on Sept. 18.

The Nordic Red Squirrels or Something Else from Sweden, a top 10 team from last year’s competition.

Who can be a coach? Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to assemble a team can sign up. Coaches are parents, mentors, teachers, after-school facilitators, club leaders … anyone who wants to be a cheerleader for a team of kids ages 6–8 or 9–12. No coding or robotics experience necessary.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Edmodo, a free online platform, to host this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition all in one spot. On Edmodo, we will post updates and share resources through two Coaches’ Cohorts (one for the age 6–8 coaches and one for the age 9–12 coaches); within the Cohorts, you can communicate with one another, too!

So, what do you need to do to register? Three easy steps:

1. Complete the WLRC Registration Survey. Begin the survey today, and you will receive an email confirmation with an edit link so that you can make changes and updates throughout this fall. Registration ends December 31, 2017.

2. Create an account on Edmodo. For those of you unfamiliar with Edmodo, it’s a free communications platform popular with schools worldwide. We will be hosting our Wonder League Robotics Competition entirely through Edmodo, making it a one-stop shop for you, the coaches. So first, you need to create an account on www.edmodo.com for free. Then, you will need to use one of these two codes to “join a group,” one of our two Coaches’ Cohorts: 82kphg for the age 6–8 Coaches’ Cohort and/or 3p7g9u for the age 9–12 Coaches’ Cohort.

3. Dig in! Check out the FOLDERS of shared resources within each cohort on Edmodo. You’ll find the all-important Coaches’ Guide detailing this year’s competition, plus a host of other guides and articles. We’ve even created some team recruitment materials to help you form teams.

Remember, the first mission will be released on Sept. 18, so you have plenty of time to continue forming your team(s). The registration survey is editable (remember to hit SUBMIT on page 2). And this year, mission submissions aren’t due until Feb. 16, 2018, so you actually can complete the three missions anytime between Sept. 18, 2017, and Feb. 16, 2018 (all teams must be registered by December 31, 2017).

But do begin the registration process and make join our Coaches’ Cohorts on Edmodo sooner than later, so you can be part of this new Edmodo community. You’ll gain valuable insight and support from your fellow coaches.

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