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Code the ABCs and the 123s with Dash

Feb 25, 2021

ABCs and 123s Activities for Educators and Parents!

As a young adult, growing up and learning through conventional methods, I wasn’t given the opportunities to get pre-school education through the use of technology. Even though I was not as fortunate as some children who do have those experiences, I’m excited to be able to be part of the process of giving those  unconventional, fun, and creative, learning opportunities to others. 

Coding and robotics is a fun and innovative way for children to gain interest in learning and finding their passion at a young age.  Being able to use Dash or Cue to learn basic pre-school curricula like letters of the alphabet and numbers can allow them the accessibility to utilize their coding skill to further their learning.  By incorporating the two elements into day-to-day learning helps shape students to better prepare themself for the future.  

– Sheryl Ng ( Wonder Workshop Intern) personal take on modern learning.

You can now start engaging your student in coding by taking a look at our ABCs and 123s activities for educators and parents.

With our ABCs and 123s activities, educators can incorporate technical skill, play, and imagination, to provide the most engaging learning experience for students.

Dash can do more than just drawing shapes with a Sketch Kit. Dash can write words and numbers too! We have created program  keys for every letter in the alphabet and numbers 0-9 for students to learn to code with. Each program key provides access to a mini-program that is downloadable to your Blockly app. Then kids can trace the code, step-by-step and understand how it works for each letter and number. 

The ABcs and the 123s Downloadables

With Dash (or Cue) and a Sketch Kit, students can use their coding skills to trace out different combinations of letters and numbers, creating words, phrases and beyond!

These printable PDFs come with program keys for the Wonder and Blockly Apps as well as video guides. These printables can guide students through their learning process, providing them with an educational and fun twist to conventional learning.

Looking for more to do with your students? The possibilities are endless. Check out some of the extended activities that we have created to get you started. Click on the image to download the packet with these ideas!

Click on the images to download the resources.

Download A-Z Capital Letters

Download a-z Lowercase Letters

Download 0-9 Numbers

Download Activities

Click on the images above to download the resources!