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12 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School with Wonder Workshop’s CleverBots!

Feb 5, 2018

It’s exciting, to be sure — the 100th day is just around the corner for most schools stateside! There’s something that teachers and students find so satisfying about the number 100. Sure, it denotes excellence, but it also can speak to effort. It’s a nice round number, divisible by 10. Historically, it marks the turning of a century, measuring not only time but process. It’s tied to literature (who didn’t want to visit the Hundred Acre Wood?). And it’s always a doozy of a spelling word for elementary students.

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For many, the 100th day of school falls in February, and teachers get oh-so-creative in bringing the celebration to life. Just check out “100th day of school ideas” or “100th day of school activities” on Pinterest.

In anticipation of this school-year milestone, here are just a few of the clever ideas we modified to invite Dash, Dot, and Cue into your 100th day celebrations. Ask your students these questions:

Here are some original cross-curricular ideas, too:

  • What are all the ways Dash and Cue can represent the concept of 100? Think number or types of moves, sounds, lights, etc.
  • In exactly 100 words, write a short story about Dash & Dot or Cue. Better yet, can one student write part one of the story, and then the next student continue the story with another 100 words, and so on?
  • How can you program Dash or Cue to move 100 centimeters? How many different algorithms can you create? (Hint: Get creative with move forward (+), move backwards (-), and loops (x)!)
  • What type of musical score would represent your 100 days in school? Triumphant? Spirited? Soothing? Harmonious? Remember, you can sync up five Dash robots with xylophones to perform one program using the app Xylo. Bring on the marching bands!
  • Can you trigger a domino chain using Dash or Cue to create the number “100”?

We’ve loved seeing educators’ ideas already posted on Twitter this past month:

And remember to share your activities with us on Twitter @WonderWorkshop and use the hashtag #100daysofwonder!

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Congrats to all on 100 days strong. Here’s to the rest of your school year!