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28 Days Until the Wonder League Robotics Competition Invitational Round Begins!

Feb 5, 2018

One Month to Go!

We are in the home stretch! After six months of exploring, cleaning, restoring, developing, and celebrating Space Island, our Wonder Leaguers have almost reached the final Invitational Round. We have thousands of teams from 63 countries around the globe participating in Year 3 of our Wonder League Robotics Competition. This year, we are inviting 1,000 teams to the final Invitational Round to compete for two $5,000 STEM grant grand prizes.

We are encouraging all coaches to submit their teams’ evidence, whether they participated in Mission One, Mission Two, and/or Mission Three! The top 1,000 teams with the most participation points will be invited to compete virtually in a final Space Island mission.

All teams’ submissions are due to Wonder Workshop by 12:00 midnight (PST) on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018, via the form.

This year, teams have been celebrating locally, too! The Grand Blanc Community Schools in Grand Blanc, Michigan, had all 650 fifth-graders compete in Mission One; 300 students then advanced to Mission Two. And then 14 teams comprised of 60 students competed in their All-District Robotics League Championship by completing Challenge 1 of Mission Three. Now, we’ll see which of those 11 teams submit for an Invitational Round invite! Way to go, Grand Blanc!

The 14 final teams in Grand Blanc.
The top three teams in Grand Blanc’s local All-District Robotics League Championship.

Remember to submit teams’ evidence of participation by 12:00 midnight (PST) on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. The 1,000 Invitational Round teams will be notified no later than Feb. 26. The final round of the Wonder League Robotics Competition will begin on March 5 and end on April 27. We are proud of our ever-growing Wonder League! Interested in joining this global movement? Sign up for more information.

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