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7 Honorable Mentions provide LOTS of WLRC Inspiration

Oct 11, 2018

With this year’s Wonder League Robotics Competition (WLRC) setting sail on the seven seas, we thought we would award some Honorable Mentions from last year’s WLRC as inspiration. Drum roll please …

Artistic Achievement: The RockBots took creativity to the next level! From their hand-painted grid mat, to their personalized hanging planets, to their costumes, the RockBots showed their artistry and ingenuity with each brushstroke, dab of glue, and hand stitch. Their final presentation took it to the next level!

Inventive and Imaginative: SpaceX created a whole new world with their set design that allowed their (and our) imaginations to soar. Not only did they incorporate Dash-played music into their solution, but they created a beautiful backstage to help fully immerse everyone into their story.

On-point Producers: The Space Cats showcased an amazing final video that would rival that of some Hollywood producers. The team’s creativity and attention to detail came out in their logbooks and production style.

Mechanical Masterminds: The Fantastic Four designed a clever attachment that could have come straight out of our very own Wonder Workshop’s engineering department. XX details

Enthusiastic Learner: A single-member team called Axiom showed perseverance and hard work with the various attachments that were designed, created, and tested. Team Axiom’s curiosity and creativity to discover the best solutions for each mission was a fun and engaging journey to watch.

Collaborative Quads: The Awesome Kids team from Hiteon Elementary personified Helen Keller’s quote: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” They worked together to ensure that each member’s strongest skills were utilized and in by doing so, they were able to create strong and creative solutions to the final mission.

Aspiring Authors: XXX The Debugging Zebras brought their missions to life with their playful and original storytelling. The team’s creative writing skills and vision complemented their solutions beautifully and added additional level of literacy.

Programing Pros: Not only did the Robot Ninja Helpers create some expectational programs to help Dash and Dot solve this year’s mission, but they showcased their eye for production and content creation with their engaging website featuring compelling breaking news newscasts.

Outstandingly Organized:

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