Huge Savings on Cue Packs in September

Sep 6, 2018

Did you hear? Cue just entered middle school.

To celebrate, we’re offering huge savings on our Cue Packs throughout September. Our Cue Packs include the robots and accessories that complement our new Applied Robotics Curriculum and our new Teach Wonder online professional development course, Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cue.

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Cue Middle School Pack

Starting on Sept. 10, take advantage of huge savings on the Cue Middle School Pack! Use promo code BTSCUE3 and save 30% on the Cue Middle School Pack. That’s over $1,000 in savings for your school. The pack includes 12 Cue robots, Sketch Kit accessories like whiteboard mats and markers, Challenge Cards, 60 student notebooks filled with creative projects for students, and one registration to our foundational professional development course for middle school educators.

Cue Middle School Pack. Save 30% from Sept. 10
– Sept. 16. $3,795 $2,656

Cue 12-Pack

Starting on Sept. 17, save more than $600 while you grow your library of Cue robots, designed for grades 6–8, with the Cue 12-Pack. Check back for the promo code!

Cue 12-Pack. Save 30% from Sept. 17
– Sept. 23. $2,100 $1,470

Cue STEAM Pack

Starting on Sept. 24 and running until the end of the month, save 30% off of the Cue STEAM Pack. That’s over $500! The pack includes 6 Cue robots, 6 harnesses, 72 dry erase markers, 3 whiteboard mats, and 6 sets of project cards to imagine, code, and display original works of robot-drawn art. Check back for the promo code!

Cue STEAM Pack. Save 30% from Sept. 24 – Sept. 30. $1,260

Cue STEAM Pack. Save 30% from Sept. 24
– Sept. 30. $1,800 $1,260

Standards-Aligned Curriculum Free for a Limited Time

Welcome to middle school, Cue. Have a great year!

Read more about how we’ve created a project-based curriculum, online professional development course, and rich in-app experiences that turn the Cue robot into a middle school solution for teaching 21st-century skills using coding and robotics.

Join the Free Wonder League Robotics Competition

Register for our annual Wonder League Robotics Competition. Teams of kids ages 6-14 can participate in this free, self-paced, and virtual program by completing creative problem-solving challenges and competing for one of three$5,000 STEM grant grand prizes. This year’s competition will be the first to include missions especially designed for Cue and kids ages 12-14.