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January WONDERful Educator of the Month – Lana Shea

Jan 31, 2020

Congratulations Lana Shea - January WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Each month, Wonder Workshop selects one educator from our community of users, based on the impact they are making to their community, school, and students. Hundreds of educators from across the world share their #WONDERfulMoments on social media, and engage in our Global Educator Community, which makes it quite tricky to pick one since there are so many incredible educators using our adorable robots. This month, we are proud to announce that Lana Shea is our January WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Lana lives in Jacksonville, Illinois and has been involved in education throughout her entire life. Lana shares that her influence in becoming an educator is because pretty much her entire family is comprised of educators. Having the opportunity to grow up with educators instilled a passion for working with students, from the very beginning. Her passion in coding comes from her experience growing up where her father was a Math Department Chair at a University and was exposed to coding through their programs in the 70s. She has continued to share her passion for coding and robotics with her students, when she volunteers as a coach with the Illinois School for the Deaf, and Illinois School for the Visually Impaired. She attributes Dash and Dot, and the Wonder League Robotics Competition as her reasons for returning back to the classroom, where she can relax in comfy clothes and her Converse sneakers, getting on the floor engaging with students. Lana further shares her passion of Dash and Dot by creating amazing contraption videos, and puzzle solution videos that she actively shares within the Global Educator Community.

Our Senior Director of Global Strategic Outreach, Bryan L. Miller, interviewed Lana in a brief interview where she shared her love for teaching and learning. Check it out, and stay tuned next month, when we will announce our February WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Congratulations again to Lana for this amazing accomplishment!

If you would like to be considered for our next WONDERful Educator of the Month, or Cue Fist Bumps, check out the blog post here to learn more on how to be considered.