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December WONDERful Educator of the Month – Joey Tanaka

Dec 19, 2019

Congratulations Joey Tanaka - December WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Each month, Wonder Workshop selects one educator from our community of users, based on the impact they are making to their community, school, and students. Hundreds of educators from across the world share their #WONDERfulMoments on social media, and engage in our Global Educator Community, which makes it quite tricky to pick one since there are so many incredible educators using our adorable robots. This month, we are proud to announce that Joey Tanaka is our December WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Joey lives in Seattle, Washington and teaches at Bertschi School and shares that he was that kid in your class long time ago that was nerdy when nerdy wasn’t cool and was coding in his head during the day, so that when he got home, he could stay up til midnight and get all those ideas and code into a computer! Knowing there are kids here and now like him, he wants to give them the opportunity to express themselves – whether it’s in code, robotics or using other forms of technology. Joey has studied in Japan for several years and acquiring a new language reminds him of the similarities that exist between coding languages and spoken languages. As a teacher, he has spent 13 years teaching grades 3, 4 and 5, at one of the most highly impacted, Title 1 schools in the state and for the last 9 years at a Tier 1 school, with incredible resources, the 4th Living Building in the world and equally curious kids who always want to know more.

Our Director of Strategic Education Outreach, Bryan L. Miller, interviewed Joey in a brief interview where he shared his love for teaching and learning. Check it out, and stay tuned next month, when we will announce our January WONDERful Educator of the Month!

Follow Joey on social media channel, as he loves to connect with other educators.

If you would like to be considered for our next WONDERful Educator of the Month, or Cue Fist Bumps, check out the blog post here to learn more on how to be considered.