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NEW Professional Development Course: Teach Wonder for Middle School Teachers!

Aug 27, 2018

Dr. Katrina Keene, one of Wonder Workshop’s amazing Outreach Managers at ISTE!

This past June, at the ISTE Conference in June, we celebrated the success of our Teach Wonder Professional Learning program with a special “Teach Wonder Day,” where for one day only we offered our professional development (PD) course and robot bundle at a deeply discounted rate to educators. The day was an overwhelming success, with teachers clamoring for more context around the need and best practices for coding and robotics in the classroom.

Half of the orders at ISTE were pre-orders for the Cue robot, which we released last fall, bundled with the professional development course we had in development. So we are excited to announce that we have released the Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cueonline course as part of our middle school solution! The course contains six 2-hour modules (~12 hours total) that address best practices of learning theory, complement thoughtful instructional design, and impact classroom practices.

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Each course module begins with an introduction and learning objectives for you, the educator, and then wraps up with a concrete connection to our robot. The modules contain a mix of original and curated multimedia content, leveraging expertise and opinions from the field, plus they have multiple checkpoints for reflection via our Discussion Forum and FlipGrid (video reflections).

Take a look at the syllabus, which you can access online at

MODULE 1: The Ever-Changing Edtech Landscape (2 hours)

  • A Call to Action
  • Jargon-wise
  • Agents of Change

MODULE 2: Constructing Student Autonomy (2 hours)

  • Game Changers
  • A Worthy Acronym: PBL
  • Designing Mindsets

MODULE 3: Computer Science Conundrum (2 hours)

  • The Reality of CS Adoption
  • Coding As the New Literacy
  • Equity in Computer Science

MODULE 4: Robots All Around Us (2 hours)

  • What Is a Robot?
  • The History of Robots
  • Tomorrow’s Job Market

MODULE 5: An Interdisciplinary Approach (2 hours)

  • To STEM-finity and Beyond!
  • Collaborative Goals
  • Show What You Know

MODULE 6: Robot Basics 101: Cue (2 hours)

  • Ready for Robot Guts?
  • One Powerful App
  • Time to Get Synced!
  • Content, Content, Content​

Additionally, the course is mobile responsive, so you can sign in and engage whether on your phone, tablet, or laptop — learning just in time and on the go. You also will receive a certificate, showing the 12 hours of seat time, that you can use as needed to showcase the hours you have spent on professional learning:

Our Teach Wonder Professional Learning program originated from our reflection on our in-person training workshops with educators from across the country. Teachers constantly told us just how hungry they were for the WHY, before tackling the WHAT and the HOW of Wonder Workshop’s robots. Core to our mission of inspiring inventors of all ages is a more rapid adoption of computer science principles in 21st-century classrooms; and we can’t do that without the support of teachers who feel prepared, confident, and excited to bring coding and robotics to all classrooms, K-12.

Lastly, joining us in this commitment are more than 20 partners from around the country who are making this course + robot bundle available at a special price to their organization members. Visit our partner pages for more details.

Find more information about all of our Teach Wonder online professional development courses at