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STEM Grants and Funding Resources!

Aug 16, 2017

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It’s the beginning of the school year, and rumor has it you’ve been thinking about tinkering and designing some interesting computer science lessons and activities for your students. And now you’re thinking about how to integrate computer science into the school day. There are so many models that we’ve seen:

  • Some of you are finding great success with creating and implementing after-school robotics and coding clubs for your students.
  • Others are focusing on creating library media center makerspaces. These centers are infusing researched-based learning experiences into recreated spaces. Makerspaces often focus on the WHY for computer science and introduce students to interesting STEM career choices.
  • Some of you have expanded your learning opportunities with dedicated tech center STEM labs for grade levels PreK-4, 6-8, and 9-12.
  • Some of you have expanded your learning opportunities with dedicated tech center STEM labs for grade levels PreK-4, 6-8, and 9-12.
  • And others are focusing on a schoolwide, district approach to integrate computational thinking into each and every classroom.

It’s great to see this interest, the engagement, and the access that you’re providing for your students! But … do you find yourself not having enough STEM learning tools and resources to adequately meet the diverse learning demands and needs of ALL your students?

Teachers are jumping for joy and telling us how excited they are for the new educational solutions bundling of Dash and Dot, their accessories, and our new curricular resources. We didn’t want to leave you wanting, so we’ve pulled together some very creative funding resource solutions for you!

We have pulled together the best of the best computer science grants and funding resources nationwide! These grant opportunities have a target audience of K-12 classrooms — and better yet, impacting student and teacher learning through STEM and computational thinking are the primary focus.

Take a look and see how straightforward it is to write a computer science grant to fund your next classroom robotics initiative. Or tackle a larger grant as a school or districtwide effort with your creative teaching team for a chance to supply each and every classroom with computer science program solutions.

Master List of STEM Grants and Funding Resources

11 New Grants for STEM and EdTech Grants

Adopt A Classroom — Classroom Funding

See how Wonder Workshop works with Adopt A Classroom to bring you a 30% discount in this blog article.

Academic Enrichment Grants

Captain Planet Foundation

Character Lab

Class Wish — Classroom Funding

Edutopia’s List

Digital Wish — Classroom Funding

DiscoverE Collaboration Grants

Donors Choose — Classroom Funding

Read this blog article to learn how Wonder Workshop will fund 10% of qualifying Donors Choose projects.

Foundation for Rural Service Grants

Frey Scientific Grants

Funding Your Tech Dream

Get Ed Funding

Grant Alerts

Grants For Teachers

Grant Watch

K-12 STEM Activity Fund

K12 Grant Opportunities

KaBoom Grants

Lily Sarah Grace Art Grants

Lowe’s Toolbox

Meemic $500 Grants

National PTA Stem Grants

National Science Teacher Foundation Grants

NEA Foundation Grants

Pledge Cents — Classroom Funding

PITSCO Education Grants

Scholastic and Dash and Dot Robot Creative Funding Opportunity

New! Dash & Dot are now offered in 2017–2018 Scholastic Dollars™ Catalog.

Science Educations Funders

STEM Equity Grants

Stemfinity Grants

STEM Classroom Grants

STEM, STEAM, and Makerspace Grants

STEM Grants for Teachers

Target Teacher Grants

Teachers Choice Program

Teachers Count Grants

Teacher (Middle School) Professional Development Grants

Teacher (High School) Professional Development Grants

Walmart Foundation Grants

We Are Teachers Contests

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