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WONDERful Moments with Wonder Workshop

Sep 19, 2019

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WONDERful Moments with Wonder Workshop has been designed to recognize amazing educators in the work they do, each and every day. As a Global Educator Community member, Wonder League Robotics Competition coach, and educator on our social channels, we want to celebrate in the work you are doing, and by registering through this form with your information, from time to time, Wonder Workshop may recognize you with a small gift of appreciation for sharing and impacting the lives of teachers, students, and all who come in contact with Dash, Dot and Cue within your community.
For example, share on your channels an amazing lesson you just did with lesson resources for other teachers to try and a picture or video, a training that went exceptionally well, photos or video of your robots arriving to your school, etc. Be as creative as you’d like! We want to hear and see the WONDERful things you are accomplishing with Wonder Workshop products! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WONDERfulMoments so your post stands out!

Types of Recognition:

WONDERful Educator of the Month – Each month, Wonder Workshop will select one educator who actively contributes to the Global Educator Community and across our other channels, and shares their WONDERful Moments, provides insight and feedback to other members and users, and is a positive global community citizen.
What happens if I’m selected? Well, Wonder Workshop wants to show their appreciation for the work you are doing. Some of the items you will be receiving include:
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Digital WONDERful Educator of the Month badge
  • 1 PD+Robot of choice for you, and 1 to gift to a fellow educator of choice
  • A Facebook Live video interview added to the monthly Facebook Live events
  • Exclusive SWAG


Cue Fist-Bump – We want to celebrate the work you share, so randomly, Wonder Workshop will be sending out thanks to those Global Educator Community Members and members of our other channels, that share the amazing work you do, within the community, through sharing great posts, feedback, thought-provoking questions, ideas, resources, lessons, etc.
What will I receive if I get a Cue Fist-Bump?
  • A hand-written letter of thanks
  • An exclusive Cue Fist-Bump sticker
  • Random SWAG (where available)



We hope you consider signing up and participating. We want to celebrate all of the #WONDERfulMoments you have with Wonder Workshop!

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