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Math Monthly: January

Jan 5, 2022

January is here and that means new Math Monthly Challenges!

We are pleased to invite you to join Math Monthly for January! 

What is Math Monthly?

As you may know, we’ve created 60 standards-aligned math activities available for subscribers of Class Connect to assign to students in their Blockly app. Each month, we present a new selection of math activities recommended for teachers to assign.

It’s easy to join in on the fun.

Click Count Me In and sign up for January’s challenge! Then sign into Class Connect and locate the December math activities outlined below (they are hyperlinked) and assign them to your students!

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Math Monthly FAQ

What is Math Monthly?

Math Monthly is designed to support educators with a guided implementation of our new Class Connect math activities.

The program is a series of monthly implementation options based on grade level and math topics. We are aligning the month with the core content/standards that are typically being completed in the classroom during a given month. Monthly emails will be sent with the suggested activities.

How do I locate the math monthly recommended activities?

Math Monthly activities are featured at the top of the Math Activities page inside of the Class Connect Portal. Log in to view them!