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New! The Creativity Accessories Pack for Dot, the CleverBot!

Mar 15, 2018

***Please note that this product has since been retired. Our Dot robot can still be purchased through our Wonder Packs. Please see our store for more information.***


Wonder Workshop is proud to announce the Creativity Accessories Pack for our original blue Dot, the CleverBot.

In addition to piles of stickers, costumes, and other project-inspiring objects, the pack includes 20 project cards with games and challenges to tackle. Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, this accessory pack provides an engaging and fun introduction to fundamentals of coding and robotics, and inspires kids to use these technologies in new and creative ways. Dot becomes an even more effective storyteller when costumes are involved.

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You can choose from three mobile apps for writing code to make Dot light up and speak. Young ones can move from the Go app to Blockly, and then to Wonder, as they learn more and more complex computer science concepts and coding techniques.

The Creativity Accessories Pack is perfect for makerspaces and after-school programs, as well as for classrooms that already have Dot robots. Engage students with new project-based storytelling lessons that require them to use Dot as a narrator or character.

Included in the pack are 20 project cards that are great to use with students during STEM station or choice time.

See how one teacher uses a green screen pop-up booth so that students can insert exciting environments into their story videos!

The opportunities are endless.

Dot is not included in this pack. If you need a Dot robot too, then check out our Dot Creativity Kit!