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The Wonder League Robotics Competition: Year 6’s Winners and Top Teams

Mar 24, 2021

What a year it has been!

For many of us, it has been a year far beyond what we could ever imagine, full of new challenges and figuring out new ways to overcome those challenges. For us at Wonder Workshop, we questioned whether or not we could even run this year’s competition and if we did, would anyone even be able to participate … or would they even want to?  

With a year of cancelations, postponements, and a time when few things felt predictable – we wanted to keep the tradition alive with Wonder League and offer a place for our young teams to come together be it in person or through a screen and work together on something bigger. Something that they could be proud of, something that could learn from and something that would spark their curiosity and imagination. 

Boy are we glad we did! We are so grateful for all the teams and their coaches that choose to share their time with us this year and we are humbled by the determination, the perseverance and the heart that all our teams have shown us. With each year, we think we have seen it all, and again and again are blown away with all that these kids come up with. Thank you. Thank you for letting us on this learning journey with you all and thanks for always bringing a big smile to all our faces here at Wonder Workshop. 

Ok, and now to the good stuff! We are thrilled to be announcing this year’s top teams and crowning this year’s winners. This year we saw teams from around the world giving us their all with their problem solving, attachment making, creative thinking, and of course, fierce programming. 

We will let the boys do the honors.

Top 5 and Overall Winner for 6-8 Age Bracket

Top 5 and Overall Winner for 9-11 Age Bracket

Top 5 and Overall Winner for 12-14 Age Bracket

And the awards keep coming … please don’t forget to tune into our blog on April 9th, where we will be announcing our honorable mention awards. 

Congratulations to all the teams and coaches that participated in this year’s Wonder League Robots Competition.  We hope to see you all again next season!